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Yuuuuuup sure!! He is Mr popular among the drs at the department of English Literature at Yarmook University in Jordan . That is in the Middle East. Amost all students feel lucky to deal with him for his compassionate nature in addition to him being skilled in linguistics and translation (from Arabic to English and vice versa) .He is willling to offer any academic help whenever he is asked to even if outside the class .Even graduate students feel very comfortable being ones in his classes for he combines between giving the best in an encouraging easygoing approach . One would get the best academic knowledge at his class . The thing is that though you really have to work and and do searches dealing with him ,may be more than any courses , you do it while SMILING..:) yes indeed!!!(which is usually uncommon dealing with many drs). He adopts a modern approach that emcourages students to work more cz out of a certain number of assigments he counts the best grades , if he , for example, asks for 9 assigments he would choose the best 5 or 6 which motivates many students to do the maximum number to get the highest grade hoping that each time they would get a higher grade after making use of the constructively critical notes the dr adds on each one. As for having to give a presentation out of being a gradute student , " feel free the mic is yours " , a really friendly atomospher that is created that makes the presenting students free of stress. Moreover , stuedents can freely participate and discuss things with the dr . We feel like you are a GRADUATE students being in his class. The dr shows more interest in recent topics that makes the lecture more fun as it attracts students more and makes searching for such topics interesting . To sum up , he is a skilled unbiased , motivating , and Oh ! I forgot ..very MODEST dr . It is no wonder he is POPULAR :) . Oh! and as for me ! I used to be one of his students .

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