Do Yaks have pink milk?


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The milk may be 'pinkish' just after Yak calves are born. Otherwise it is white


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Normally white but can look pink after the calves are born

Yes, Yaks produce pink milk. It's also rumoured that Hippopotamus do, however they actually sweat a red substance as opposed to produce a pink milk. You can also read about cows producing pink milk here: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?in_article_id=35219&in_page_id=2

Yes. Farmers raising Yaks in Tibet depend upon Yak milk for a portion of their diet.

whitish color like all milk from mammals

milk, meat, fibres and beast of burden

Female Yaks are milked and the milk can be turned into cheese, Same method as cattle

Worldwide milk sources are dairy cows, goats, yaks, sheep and mares.

Milk, fibre, meat and beasts of burden

because the milk of a hippopotomus is pink

Yes strawberry milk is pink

Goats, sheep, cows, yaks, camels

They don't. They produce white milk, hippos produce pink milk

if your either high, drunk, or extremely stupid then, yes, pink milk does come from pink cows.

Yes strawberry milk does stay pink

pink milk is not made from cows its strwberry

I'm sure someone got the idea from baby cows nursing. And goats and yaks and camels are mammals .and I would bet some pink pajamas that you can even milk some llamas.

Yak gives pink coloured milk

No. Westerners who speak of milking yaks are a staple butt of Tibetan jokes.

Yaks milk has been known to be all the colors of a vivid double rainbow full on across the sky.

A hippo has pink milk.


Most likely as a source of meat, milk and labor for helping plow fields

The collective noun for 'yaks' a herd of yaks.

Cows, sheep, goats, llamas, camels, and yaks are a few animals who produce milk for people to use.

Yaks are a very important part of our ecology. Mother Nature must not be tampered with. Yaks provide us with meat, milk, furs, fibers etc. So we must conserve them.

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