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A lot of women shave their pubic hair. They don't shave the vagina itself, since that is inside the body. The reasons they shave their pubic hair vary. Some like it, and others do it for their partners.

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Q: Do a lot of women shave their vaginae?
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Do a lot of women shave their pubic hair?

Not shave, most women when they want to go to the beach, and they need to shave their pubic hair, they would most likely just get a bikini wax instead. Shaving will save money, but when you put underwear or a swimsuit on it is very uncomfortable.

Do women in Europe shave their legs?

Not all women in Europe shave their legs. It is a myth that European women do not shave their legs.

Is it true that Italian women do not shave?

No, it is not true that Italian women do not shave.

Do french women shave?

some do and some do not, it depends a lot on the age of the women especially those living in rural areas. ( this goes for many European women)

Who has the best legs for pantyhose?

women ============================================================= Women who shave their legs...

How do Muslim women shave before marriage?

Muslim women shave before marriage the same way other women shave when they choose so. With a shaver.

Why can't women shave faces?

Women can shave their faces. A number of Asian women shave their faces every day and as a result have beautiful complexions.

Do women shave their public hair?

Some women do shave their pubic (not public) hair.

What percent of single women shave their pubic hair?

80% of western women shave their pubic hair but only 20% of Asian shave. Hope this answer your question.

Do french women shave their armpits?

The idea that French women do not shave their armpits is a myth. Most French women shave their armpits, although some may not. It more is a personal preference than a cultural construct.

How big can a bush get?

a bush can get very big. a lot of women are very hairy and if they dont shave their bush can get very very big. some women dont have big bushes at all

Do most women shave?

This depends on the country and season. In the US, women tend to shave their bodies when it is warm enough to wear shorts.

Why do Egyptian women and men shave their heads?

Lol Egyptian women and men don't shave there head for fun. Maybe it's cause they are bald? and figure to shave off the rest of it?

Where can you shave?

women's can shave under it's under arms

What do women shave?

Usually depends on their culture or lifestyle.........theres usually not much women dont shave ( or Wax ) .

Why do women shave their genitals?

Women shave their genitals for hygiene purposes. Shaving pubic and armpit hair is a common hygienic procedure for most women in the world.

Do only women shave other women at spas?

Good question! It's possible men shave other men at spas!

Do women in England shave their underarms and legs?

No, women in England like to go more natural. Yes we do shave.

Do older women shave or trim the hair around their genitals?

both some women like to shave some like to trim

Can Muslim women shave their underarms?

Both men and women in Islam have to shave their underarms and private areas at least once every forty days.

Do girls shave their pubes?

Yes , some women like to shave their genitals.

Do guys normally shave their pubes?

Yes, a lot of men shave their pubes.... But then again it depends.. Some women like men with hair or no hair.. But for your self.. It's up to you if you're comfortable with it! It does itch more but hey as long as the girl is happy!

Did medieval women shave?


Do Brazilian women shave there legs?

Yes,they do!

Is it common for women to shave their pubic hair?

Yes it is very common. Most women shave because they feel embarrassed or they feel it isn't very attractive, so shave away. What I do is that I use Veet on the places with a lot of hair, then I shave around the hole of the vagina so it won't get in there and burn. :) And don't worry about razor bumps around your bikini line if you just shave it, it's common also, but very annoying! Oh, and alcohol doesn't help, it just burns!! I suggest bikini zone for that.

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