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Q: Do advancement require additional duties for forensics?
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What are some additional duties preformed by Muslims during Ramadan?

The additional duties are fasting (Sawm) and paying Zakat Al-fitr (alms giving).

In the new government system nsps why isn't it considered a promotion going from a ya-02 non-supervisory position to a yc-02 supervisory position?

Because it is a horrible system that does not reward employees appropriately. There are many questions such as yours that have never been answered. Like why don't supervisors receive additional pay for all their additional duties. A lot of us are both a supervisor and work a functional area just like our employees. But no additional pay has ever been discussed for the myriad of addional duties supervisory roles require of someone.

Which of these professions does usually not require a license in order to perform their job duties?

Car salesman

would the advancements required additional training?

An increase in jobs duties and responsibilities to advance promotions

What are the duties and responsibilities of the liaison officer?

Duties and responsibilities of a legislative liaison officer are numerous. They require the liaison to work between the legislative members and the public. The job takes communication skills and diplomacy.

What is a BC MLA's salary?

After the 2007 pay increases it was reported that the salary for an MLA who does not perform any additional duties is $98,000/year.

Have you successfully performed any new tasks or additional duties outside the scope of your regular responsibilities. If so please specify?


What products require import duty to be paid in the United States?

There are many products that require an import duty to be paid in order to be brought into the United States of America. One of the most common things that require import duties would be cars.

Is chef a career?

Yes, it is a career path. Chefs and others with more advanced cooking duties often attend cooking school. Vocational training programs are available to many high school students, but advanced positions usually require training after high school. Experience, an ability to develop and enhance cooking skills, and a strong desire to cook are the most common requirements for advancement.

What are members of house of lords given for their political work?

300 GBP for each day they attend the House of Lords and expenses for additional duties

What is the tax on goods imported from China to the United States?

The tariff that the United States applies to Chinese goods varies immensely by product and whether there are additional Countervailing Duties or Anti-Dumping Duties applied to the good, which can change on a yearly basis.

Duties of debtors controller?

A debtors controller collects a banks debts. These jobs require a person to prepare and submit monthly statements to customers.