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Do all Bongos have two heads?

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They wouldn't be called Bongo's if they didn't.

= Bongo drums - 'Bongos' the drum pair = The bongos are one of the first drums to learn rhythms and sound patterns on, because of its size, its convenient portability, its low price compared to larger drums, and having two drum tones to immediately play with.

The bongos are great, very easy to carry, tune and play.


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Why do bongos have hoofs?

Bongos have hoofs because they do.

How do you play bongos?

You play bongos with your hands. Bongos are drums that are meant to be struck with different parts of your hands.

Where are the bongos in pocket god?

The bongos are on Ape Island.

What are bongos made of?

Traditionally, bongos are made of a wooden body with an animal skin head stretched across the top. Modern models may also have bodies of ceramic, metal, or even plastic - heads may also be plastic or some other synthetic material.

What musical family does the bongos belong to?

the bongos belong to the percussion family

Do bongos chew their cud?

Yes. Bongos chew their cud.

Why were the bongos developed?

The Bongos were developed for Latin American dance bands.

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What family does the Bongos fall in of orchestral?

Bongos are a type of drum, which is in the percussion section, though bongos specifically are very rarely used in orchestra.

Where did the Bongo animal come from?

All wild bongos live in Africa. There are two types, the Eastern or Mountain Bongo, and the Lowland or Western Bongo. Bongos are a type of antelope that live in the rainforest (hence the name Forest Antelope). They prefer forests with thick vegetation that is near the ground.

What is the plural of bongos?

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What is a manly instrument in the percussion family?

The bongos. It overflows with manlynes. And of course the drums. ;) and the bongos :P. Yes. No matter what, we can't forget the bongos, right? LoL

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What are bongos and how do they work?

Bongos are musical instruments. For information on how they work, consult the related link below.

What are all the different jamaican instruments?

The guitar, slide guitar, bongos, and of couse....the bong

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What animal skin are bongos made of?

Bongos are made from a variety of animal skin hides. Some of the animals that are used for traditional bongos include water buffalo, steer, calf and mule.

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Is is hard to play the bongos?

yes it is, in fact you need very good talent and practice to play the bongos.

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Who invented the bongos?