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Do all Savage 250-3000 have a lever action?

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Yes they do all have lever action and had a mussel voloiceity of 3000 ft per second . New powerdes have a much fast rate.

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How old is your 300 savage model 99 lever action serial number 1028567?

All I know is that is was made after 1960 with a S/N higher then 1 million

Are all lever action guns repeaters?


What happened to Savage Arms Model 99 lever action centerfire rifles?

The model was discontinued in the 1997/1998 time frame. No longer profitable, what a shame. In my opinion, one of the all time greats.

Are all lever action rifles considered saddle guns or saddle rifles?

No, they are not.

Where can you find photographs of all model 1894 Winchester lever action rifles?

Not here.

What is the age of a 250 savage 3000 rifle serial 171203?

You will have to provide a detailed description of the action type and ALL markings.

What is the value of browning 308 lever action rifle?

Need a detailed description of all markings, finish, condition, etc..

Where is the lever on a drill?

All drills do not have a lever.

What makes the gun a Winchester Model 94?

Winchester made about 28 versions of the Lever Action model 94. All were made by Winchester, all of them were rifles not guns.

What is the value of mod 66 3030 lever action?

You will have to provde a detailed description of ALL markings and condition to get a realistic guess. Also, who made it.

What is the only type of gun that doesn't have a bolt or lever on the action that opens the action?

Single shot Muzzle loaders of the "old" style are an example. There is no action to be opened - all loading is done by "stuffing" powder, wading and projectile down the bore of the barrel.

What is the value of your model 1887 Winchester lever action 10 ga shotgun which is all original and in very good shape?

50-500 uSD

Who makes the best lever action rifle?

Best is a very subjective term. Winchester, Marlin and Henry all make very good rifles.

Is sock absorber 1st class lever 2nd class lever or a 3rd class lever?

The answer to the question is: "No." A shock absorber is not a lever at all.

Will macho man randy savage inducted into the 2011 WWE hall of fame?

Savage and Vince McMahon have had heat with one another for quite some time now but it appears that the "frost" may be melting a little. Last year, the WWE put out a Randy Savage anthology DVD. More recently, Mattel released a Randy Savage action figure and Savage is listed as appearing in the new WWE All Stars video game. Could this be a sign that Savage and the WWE are on good terms? Could a HOF induction be far behind? Interesting thought.

Where can you find information about the 22 caliber Savage Model 3D single shot?

--------SAVAGE 3 SERIES Rifle Information-------- There were several variations of the Savage model 3 rifle made. The basic version is a single shot bolt action, .22RF chambered rifle. It appears that all variations of the M3 were single shot and that the added model variation such as

What year did they make the Savage Model 29A pump action rifle Serial Number 45460L?

No way to tell with that information. Will need all the markings on the gun.

What is the model number and year for a Winchester .22 lever action rifle with the serial number 197465?

You need to provide a detailed description of all markings and features.

Is ice pick first class lever?

No. An ice pick is a wedge, not a lever at all.

Were vikings only savage warriors?

Not at all.

What is the value of a brand new 30-06 Sprg BLR light weight lever action serial 02088MT341?

Made in 2006. If it's NIB, never had the action cycled and complete with all papers, you are in the 700 USD range.

What is the value of Crazy Horse commemorative 3855 lever action unfired 1973?

IF it is just like it left the factory with ALL papers, boxes, etc., 1200 or so. IF the action has been cycled, 800. IF it's been shot, 650.

What is the value of a 243 Browning lever action rifle?

Without a detailed description of all markings, features, box, papers, accessories, condition, etc.. 100-1000 USD

What is the value browning 22.250 lever action rifle?

Without a detailed description of all markings, features, box, papers, accessories, condition, etc.. 100-1000 USD

How do you disassemble 357 lever action rifle?

Since there several different makes and models, and they are all different, contact the maker thru their website, and ask for the owner's manual that will show you how.