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only if they abuse them


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Some, but not all. Some spiders eat their babies. Some don't eat each other at all.

Yes, little frogs and froglets will eat spiders.

When the baby spider hatch the baby spiders will eat its own mother.

they eat crickits, nats,and spiders

Yes, Geckos can eat some huntsman spiders. They can eat baby, small and female Huntsman spiders, but typically large male huntsman spiders can overpower Geckos.

flys moths other spiders crikets grasshoppers

Crab spiders eat all insects.

Lizards eat all types of spiders.

baby newts eat small insects , such as pond shrimp and little spiders,baby worms ect...

Like all spiders, they mate with the females and then the females eat the males. Then they form a sack. (egg) then the egg opens and baby spiders come out. I hope that Answers your question.

YESS some do eat their mothers but it depends on the type. and I have been studying spiders and other arthropods for years

Peacock spiders eat baby crickets and "other small prey". In mating, the female may eat the male.

they will eat what their parents get for them

There are many different kinds of spiders in the world. These spiders all eat at different frequencies based on their species.

because she stole there money for a hooker

Some species of female spiders do eat the male spiders after mating. Since spiders are intraguild predators, meaning that they eat each other, female spiders eat male spiders of the same and other species as food all the time.

Because if the female doesn't eat the male, then all the babies will die.

All spiders eat termites. They are beneficial predators to have around because they eat all sorts of pest that may be around the home.

Baby Koalas and juvenile kangaroos.

we destroy their beautiful websBirds like to eat spiders. Snakes, frogs, and turtles also like to eat spiders. Spiders contain a high level of taurine, which helps baby birds to grow.

You eat on average 6-8 spiders a year this is mostly all in your sleep!

No.They eat mostly baby mice and various species of spiders.

No - spiders are not part of their natural diet !

Yes, spiders do eat other spiders.but the other spider that eats the other is female that's pregnant eats the male when 3,000 babies are born (7 "bags" worth of baby spiders)so the babies can have food to grow on

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