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Do all children go to School in South Africa?


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Most children go to school but non all of them go

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By law all children have to attend school

No, not all children in Africa go to school sadly.

Over 120 million children in Africa don't go to school.

They were born in South Africa (all of Nelson Mandala's children)

I cannot distinguish the top ten in South Africa.All I know is, is that Grey College has had the position of the Best School in South Africa.

Oprah's all girls school is located in Johannesburg, South Africa

The Money from "Children in Need" all goes to the Needy in Africa and South Africa. The money collected from the UK goes to children in need anywhere including projects in the UK.

They are not extinct in South Africa

Hydrangea are not indigenous to South Africa, but can be found cultivated in gardens all over South Africa

The time in all of South Africa is UTC+2 all year.

no way south Africa is not scary at all :-D

South Africa offers employment in virtually all sectors.

All children in Italy do not go to school. However, it is mandatory for all the children to attend school in Italy.

South Africa doesn't belong. It is the southernmost country of Africa.The Republic of Guinea, Chad, and Somalia are all in the equatorial region of Africa.

They did not go there. South Africa is the cradle for all of mankind.

Africa is Africa North South East West all parts are part of the Continent Africa The second largest in the world.

The Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution of South Africa. The highest right in South Africa is that of Human Dignity

The FIFA world Cup is helping children not only in South Africa but all over the globe. FIFA has opened many centres for education of children in different regions of Africa. Schools have begun teaching the History of the 32 nations participating at the World Cup. We are all effected & engulfed in this soccer frenzy, wherever we are standing on Earth or outside.

Yes all children in England go to School

No, South Africa is pretty wealthy.

South Africa is a developing country because its economy does not yet support all its citizens. There is a lot of poverty and corruption in South Africa.

Yes, there were and are children in South Carolina. They do all the same things children everywhere do.

all major cities in South Africa have airports and almost all minor cities and town as well

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