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Yes, all acids have hydrogen in them.

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Do all acids contain sulphur?

No. All acids contain Hydrogen. That is the only component they have in common.

What do all acids have in common?

They all contain hydrogen.-- apex

All acids contain a replaceable?

All acids have hydrogen.

What does all acids contain?

All acids contain at least one hydrogen ion.

All acids contain hydrogen?

Yes, all acids contain hydrogen. If fact that is one of the defining characteristics of an acid.

What elements make up acids?

All acids contain hydrogen and most, but not all, contain oxygen. A few other elements found in common acids include nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, and chlorine.

What element do all acids contain?


Is it true that all acids contain oxygen?

absolutely not!!! HCl, H2SO4, HBr, HF. These are all acids, as you can see the common atom is Hydrogen, not Oxygen.

What elements do simple sugars amino acids and lipids have in common?

They all contain (have) Carbon ,Hydrogen, and Oxygen

Are all substances that contain hydrogen acids?

what are the substances contained in hydrogen

Do all acids contain oxygen?

Acids do not, as a rule, contain oxygen. Acids contain a base and hydrogen, which dissociate to lower the pH of a solution.

Who suggested all acids contain hydrogen in them?


What do acids have in common?

the all contain hydrogen e.g. sulfuric acid = hydrogen sulfate hydrochloric acid = hydrogen chloride nitric acid = hydrogen nitrate and so on and so on :)

Does citric acid contain hydrogen?

Citric acid is an organic acid and all organic acids contain hydrogen.

What particle do all acids have in common?


What are elements common to all acids?


What is generally true about the formula for acids?

They all contain Hydrogen.

What is the common element in acids?

All acids have hydrogen Hope this helps =)

What ion all acids have in common?

Hydrogen ions.

What is common to all acids?

A hydrogen ion H+

What element is present in all the common acids?


What is common to all Arrhenius acids?

All Arrhenius acids produces hydrogen ions H+

What common atoms are present in proteins?

All proteins contain Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Most also contain Sulfur in the amino acids Methionine and Cysteine.

All hydrogen-containing compounds are acids?

No, its not true. This is true that all the acids contain hydrogen independent of whether they are weak acid or strong acid. But bases also contain hydrogen like NaOH, KOH etc. Also, neutral substances like water also contain hydrogen

What mineral is with all amino acids?

None. All amino acids contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Two have sulfur.

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