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Do all explosions produce carbon dioxide?

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Many do, some don'tAn explosion is nothing more than the rapid release of energy. This is most commonly due to the rapid combustion of a material, although nuclear explosions do not involve combustion. The combustion of any hydrocarbon or other carbon-containing substance ALWAYS produces carbon dioxide. This might include explosion due to a natural gas or gasoline.

It is possible, however, to explode substances that do not contain carbon, such as pure hydrogen (the very famous Hindenburg disaster in 1937 is a classic example of a very big hydrogen gas explosion -- see the Web Links to the left of this answer for more about that and an impressive video -- skip ahead to 3:30 min to see the explosion!). An explosion of hydrogen produces only water vapor (H2O), NOT carbon dioxide (CO2). SO2, sulfur dioxide, is also commonly Ford when sulfur is burned instead of carbon. Azide salts like NaN3 are commonly used to explosively inflate car airbags. On detonation, they decompose to the elemental metal. This is a favourable transition due to a positive change and the formation of highly stable free nitrogen gas.

Also, nuclear (both fusion and fission) themselves do not produce carbon dioxide, although they may cause surrounding objects to incinerate, which would release carbon dioxide.

See the Web Links to the left of this answer for some impressive videos of different types of explosions, including ones that do and don't produce CO2 emissions!

Another product of what is known as incomplete combustion is COCO, or carbon monoxide, can be formed when there is not enough combustion for carbon dioxide, and is extremely poisonous to humans. It is another potential product of an explosion, which is essentially combustion.
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Do all organisms use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide?

Do all organisms use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide?

Why you need balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air?

Plants need carbon dioxide and produce oxygen that we need. We produce carbon dioxide. There needs to be a balance or we all suffer plants and animals.

What are animals who produce carbon dioxide called?

Living? All animals that breathe create carbon dioxide.

When gasoline is burned is carbon dioxide produced?

Certainly. All hydrocarbons produce carbon dioxide when burned.

What takes in carbon dioxide?

Most bacteria and all plants consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Do all plants need carbon dioxide?

No.Plants do not need carbon dioxide.But some plants use carbon dioxide during night and produce oxygen during day. Neem tree does not use carbon dioxide at all!!. They produce oxygen during the day as well as during the night.

Do photosynthetic produce carbon dioxide?

Yes it lets it all out from the plant

What cell is carbon dioxide produced in?

All living cells produce it.

What gas do all living animals produce?

Carbon dioxide and Methane, primarily.

Can mushroom produce carbon dioxide?

Yes, like all known life.

What kinds of combustion fuel produce the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide?

Almost all fuels produce carbon dioxide when burnt, but only fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas actually add to the amount of carbon dioxide naturally present in the atmosphere.

What activities would NOT increase carbon dioxide in the bloodstream?

All activities release carbon dioxide in the blood stream. As long as you are alive, your cells will continue to produce carbon dioxide. Even resting or sleeping will not stop it.

What are some examples of products that produce carbon dioxide around the house?

A candle, gas or wood stove, gas water heater or a gas or oil furnace all produce carbon dioxide by burning hydrocarbons.Baking powder and yeast make bread rise by producing carbon dioxide, although by very different methods.Children are products of human reproduction that produce carbon dioxide.

All living organisms are dependent on plants because plants?

produce carbon dioxide

Which form of carbon burns in oxygen to give carbon dioxide?

All of them. At a high enough temperature, even diamond will burn, and produce (ridiculously expensive) carbon dioxide.

What plants are helpful?

All plants are helpful in a way, because they produce oxygen. We are good for them, because we produce carbon dioxide.

Where is CO2 usually found?

All animals emit CO2 (carbon dioxide) as waste. When you breathe out, you are expelling carbon dioxide. Anytime anything is burned, the results are H2O (water) and carbon dioxide. Engines in cars burn gasoline for energy and carbon dioxide is released. This is the same as what factory smokestacks do to produce carbon dioxide, which is thrown into the atmosphere.

How does cutting down trees cause more carbon dioxide?

All plants including trees use Carbon dioxide for photosynthesis - they kind of breate it in - and then produce oxygen. When trees are cut down, they release all of the carbon dioxide that they are currently inside them and it goes up into the atmosphere.

Do all living things produce carbon dioxide?

All things go through carbon dioxide because they must go through respiratioin. Without going through respiration the organism will die

Why do plants cows and humans make carbon dioxide?

Plants don't make carbon dioxide, they produce oxygen. Humans and cattle, like all animals, produce carbon dioxide because we need oxygen in our bodies to function properly and live, and in order to do so oxygen gets converted into carbon dioxide which must be excreted or exhaled out of our systems so that more oxygen can be drawn back in.

What are some energy sources that produce carbon dioxide and water when burned?

Any & all fossil fuels.

Is it possible to not produce carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is produced by our life processes, in the manufacture of everything we own, in all the motorized transportation that we use and in all the non-plant foods that we eat. It is not possible to produce (or be responsible for the production of) a zero emission of carbon dioxide. By minimizing transportation, buying "green", recycling, not using heating or cooling systems more than necesasry and all the ways available to cut our "carbon footprint" we can minimize our impact.

Do your friends breathe out carbon dioxide?

All metabolic processes of animals produce carbon dioxide. This is collected from the cells by your blood cell and released to the atmosphere from your lungs when you breathe out.

Do snails produce or consume carbon dioxide when in the light?

Snails produce CO2 all the time even if they are alive. It doesn't matter if there is light or not. Animals do not consume CO2 at all but produce it as a product.

What is the chemical properties of morphine?

I know that burning it may produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, but that's all i got....sry