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No, the menstrual cycle is most common in primates.

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2014-05-20 10:28:07
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Q: Do all female animals have their period?
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Do female animals have periods?

yes female animals has blood on there period o: ============================= Pretty much only primates have a menstrual cycle

What is the definition of heat period in animals?

it is the period in time when an animal/mammal (female) is ready for sex without being in heat period the female will not mate with any male

Are all animals either male or female?

The short answer is no, not all animals are either male or female. There is a long list of asexual animals and also hermaphroditic animals.

Are eggs laid by all female animals?

In animals that lay eggs, yes, the female is the egg-layer.

What were the animals like in the carboniferous time period?

The animals of the carbo-crap period were all horses.

Does all female animals have menstrual cycles?

No, not all female animals have menstrual cycles. Only primates such as human beings have menstrual cycles.

Does a female dog have a period?

Yes. All female mammals have periods.

What is a common factor in animals that lay eggs?

All animals have to go throw pregnancy first which is common in all female animals.

What animals are sexual?

All female animals get pregnant so that means all animals are sexual because a male animal had to have sex with the female to get her pregnant. ex: a male and female dog have sex the female is pregnant therefore a baby if animals don't have sex then those kind of animals don't be born therefore the population stays the same instead of it rising

Does female frog has throat?

yes female frogs have throats nearly all animals and all humans have throats

Do animals have menstruation?

not all animals have it mostly dogs female dogs im not sure!

Is it possible that your dwarf hamster is having a 'period'?

Yes, if it is female. All female creatures have a "cycle."

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