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Not all 5th all depends on the school and if they have lockers.if not that means you would have to use a bag Instead...

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Q: Do all fifth graders have lockers?
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Should fifth graders have lockers?

Well it really depends. If they have alot of books they carry then they should, but if not then no.

Do you get your own locker when your in fifth grade?

It will depend on the school policy. Some schools may assign lockers to fifth graders, while others may reserve lockers for older students. It's best to check with the school administration to find out the specific rules regarding locker assignments for fifth graders.

Do the seven and eight graders in shotwell middle school get lockers?


Is Tim in fifth grade?

Of all the fifth graders in the world, there must be at least one boy named Tim.

The YMCA has 28 fifth graders and 33 fourth graders on its track team There are 9 fifth graders and 23 fourth graders on its swim team How many more fifth graders are involved in track than swimming?

First i red the problem i added the numbet of fifth graders and the number of fourth graders i subtracted their totals in got 19I knew to add or subtract because how many more means to add or subtract28+9=37 33+23=5637-56=1919 more fifth graders involved in track than swimming

Does 5th graders get lockers in middle school?

Many sixth graders have lockers. Many middle schools utilize lockers for students books and other personal belongings. If lockers are not available, students usually have desks and closets for storing school supplies and other belongings.

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The hardest suject for a fifth grader?

It really matters in the person. It isn't like math is the hardest subject for all fifth graders.

In the lunchroom 36 fifth graders and 27 fourth graders are sitting in equal groups All the students in each group are in the same grade what is the greatest?


Does marine park 6th graders have lockers?

yes marine park jhs does have lockers some people say they dont but they should really go in and see for themselves.

How do fifth graders show liberty?

they dont

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