Do all girls like big penises?

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It doesn't matter to most girls.

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Do teenage girls like guys with big penises?

I don't like when guys flaunt it. We don't like when a guy likes to tell everyone about it.

Why do woman like men with big penis?

Some women prefer men with large penises, while others don't. It is all personal preference. Much how some guys like girls with big butts, while others prefer girls with small butts.

Can two penises be in one vagnia at once?

if the girls vagnia is big anough

Do girls like big penises?

every girl wants a man with a big penis.Yes and no. They like dicks around 7 inches. Anything bigger that 8 inches, they don't mess with

Do jews have big penises?

All depends on genetics.

Do woman like big penises?

Women like most sized penises as long as they come with a kind heart and a little fun.

Does your girlfriend like big penises?

She will only admit she does if her boyfriend has a big penis.

How big do girls like penises to be?

It depends on the girl. Most say bigger the better, but if you've for a really great girl she won't care about the size.

Do uncircumsized penises get big?

Circumcised and uncircumcised penises can both be big.

Is it true that women's really like big penis?

No, it is not true that women like really big penises.

Why do girls like guys with big buts?

Not all girls like guys with big buts but some do cause It can be real cute

Do girls like big or small penises?

There is no general preference that all women have across the board. There is just as much variety in that as there is in shape and size. Aside from personal preference, a particular woman's physiology can also be a factor. Some women find large penises an inconvenience, since they hurt them during the intercourse.

Why do black guys like fat chicks?

they have big vaginas and black guys have big penises

What girls breasts are big?

Not all girls have big breasts. Well girls bodys difer then boys do. its just like extra skin....

Do Arab men have big penises?

In every ethnicity there are big penises and small ones too.

Why do black guys like girls with big bootys?

this is a stereotype. not all black guys like girls with big butts. Some prefer big boobs and other features not just the butt

How big is normal for mens penises?

If you are a male - measure it and see. They are all different, like our faces, unless it is broken or malformed, then it's probably normal.

How big are dog penises?

depends on size of dog small dogs have oversized penises

Do women like small penises or big penises?

It only takes about 4 inches to reach a woman's G spot so it as long as you have more than that you are fine.

Does Lil Wayne like big girls?

i think he likes all kinds

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