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Do all nintedo games work on DS?

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Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite support Nintendo DS games and Game Boy Advance games. Nintendo DSi and XL only support Nintendo DS games.

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Do Pokemon DS games work on DS i?

Yes they do.All DS games should work on DS, DS Lite, and DSIstupid

How many DS lite games work on a DSI?

All DS games work on the NDSi.

How do you get to hook up wi-fi to the nintedo DS lite?

i think that the only internet is with the games

Do all Nintendo ds games work on the Nintendo ds?

All DS games work on both the DS and the DS Lite. Games that require a GBA cartridge slot (like the Guitar Hero games) do not work on the DSi, as the GBA slot has been removed. also dont try 3ds games on any ds ( but 3ds) it wont work but you can play ds games on it :( but not 3d

What is Nintendo DS used for?

The Nintendo DS can be used for a lot of things. The most common thing it can be used for is for playing DS games. It also can be used for its Pictochat function for talking to friends from short distances. It also can be used to play Gameboy Advaced games. It alos has complete use of Nintedo WiFi abling you to play with people around the world. It also has the Download feature where you can play game that other friends have (of course this doesn't apply to all games). Nintedo is coming out with the new Ninteno DS called the DSI. It is rumored that it has a camera, can synch up with the Nintedo Wii, and has mp3 capabilities.

How many games will get to be available on the dsi?

All games that work on Nintendo DS will work on Nintendo DS-i

Does Nintendo DSi games work in the Nintendo DSi XL?

Yes. All DS games work on all DS systems.

What is a ds flashcart?

Such as R4I and Acekard these are used to work in the Nintedo DS they allow the user to run games on the DS through its microSD slot, usually used by people who have hacked the game then loaded a lot onto a single MicroSD card and then sell them.

Is there any kingdom hearts games on the Wii?

No it is exclusive for sony, except for 358 days\2, which was for the Nintedo DS.

Can you use DSI games on a ds?

yes.All ds games work with all kinds of ds's so, dsi games will work on ds on older ds's and every other kind of ds.

Does an Australian DS games work on a American DS?

Yes they will games from all over the world will work its multi regional

What is a Nintendo r4?

It is a modification to the Nintedo DS system that allows you to play videos, music and games from a Micro SD card.

How much is a nintedo ds?

An Nintendo DS cost $129.99 and a Nintendo DSi is $169.99

What are the best Nintendo DSi games?

The best Nintendo DSi games are depended upon opinion. Here's the "best" Nintedo DS games: http://www.mrbass.org/nintendoDS/games/

Do Japanese ds games work on us dsi's?

Yes they do all of the ds games work on any Ds or dsi it doesnt matter about the country u are in

Where to get a nintedo DS?

umm, target,wallmart wherether you go

Does the slide pad on the 3DS work for DS games?

Yes, you can use it for all previous DS games.

Where can i find a emulator for nintedo ds?

Sorry, but all video game roms are illegal unless you own the game.

Do all Nintendo DS games work on the Nintendo DS lite?

yes, but foreign games are riskly business.

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