Do all pandas belong to china?

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Panda's only live in remote mountains inside of China. After deforestation and hunting periods that have greatly diminished panda populations, China is the only country they now survive in. Because of this limited territory, China has great control over panda movement. And because panda's have not been outside of China, and were not known about by the rest of the world's population until a little over a century ago, they have not reproduced outside of China. Also, there has been little success in breeding Pandas in captivity. So in short, because no nation that has received a panda as a "gift" from China (only happening once recently in past few decades) has had healthy/living offspring, there are no "free pandas" outside of China. All pandas that are given to other countries now are typically on "lease" for a 10-year period, and any offspring born from the leased parents are to be returned to China after 4 years. Taiwan recently received pandas as a "gift", so if the offspring of these animals were healthy and prospered, they would be the first free pandas outside of China.
Well San Diego zoo also has pandas.
If pandas belong to China idiots belong to the USA.
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Where in China do pandas live?

CHINA Most wild pandas live in Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province in China. Also there are many pandas raised in zoos in many large cities in China.

Is panda poaching a sport in China?

It is actually illegal to kill pandas in china therefore it is not a sport. . Pandas are also protected species by international law. Harming or disturbing, let alone killing them, will result in severe criminal prosecution.. Random Fact: China uses the death penalty. .

Where do giant pandas live in China?

The Giant Panda lives in the isolated mountains of China. It has some forested areas that are reserved to protect them, but they have been pushed back into the higher elevations of only a few provinces of southwestern China. About three quarters are in the Sichuan Province. But there are some Giant ( Full Answer )

What is China doing to protect pandas?

In the 1940s, the Chinese government began conservation efforts to protect the Giant Pandas. In 1963, the China Research & Conservation Center for the Giant Panda at the Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, was established.

In what location of China are the pandas located?

few mountain ranges in china. In Sichuan. The Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries is the home to more than 30% of the world's pandas which are classed as highly endangered, covers 924,500 ha with seven nature reserves and nine scenic parks in the Qionglai and Jiajin Mountains.

In what parts of China do pandas live?

There is only one place where giant pandas live in the wild: high in the mountains of central China. There, they live in cold and rainy bamboo forests that are often misty and shrouded in heavy clouds. Once upon a time, giant pandas lived in lowland areas. However, as people built more and more farm ( Full Answer )

All about pandas?

If you want to find out all about pandas I think that this is a very good website! I went there and that's how I'm an expert! By, Madi Smith (Dr. Smith's Daughter)

What is the giant panda a symbol of china?

Pandas have been a symbol of peace, humbleness and cuteness due to their usually docile behaviour and vegetarian diet. Since this was also the image that the Chinese government wanted to project to other nations, a diplomatic strategy called "Panda Diplomacy" was developed. See the associated link f ( Full Answer )

How many panda bears are there in China?

about 1000- 1500 and about 120 in breeding centers around the world... including red pandas. ps i have a presentation and i might post it on the internet but it says the same thing so dont im copying it from that.

Why is the Giant Panda only in China?

The specie of the Giant Panda was found in China and will stay in it's habitat for life until death and china is known for it's Giant Panda's!!!. tht's the real answer above true fact. and by the way tara is a loser and weird yh tht's riteshe is !

What does panda in China symbolize?

Ive heard it is the embodiment of fertility, but I can understand quite how they came to that conclusion given the pandas lack of sex drive!. Why does it need to symbolise something anyway? Its an animal not a sacred relic! haha! Poor panda!

How is the panda of China symbolic to China?

China's Giant Pandas are found only in the Sichuan, Shanxi, and Gansu Provinces. There are less than 1,000 giant pandas left, with 80% of them located in the Sichuan Province.

Is the Panda the only bear in China?

There is also an asiatic black bear and an ussuri brown bear. Theasiatic black bear lives in central china, southern china, and innortheastern china. The ussuri brown bear is found at the verynorth tip of northeast china.

What class does the panda belong to?

The scientific classification is as follows; Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: ChordataClass: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Ursidae (bear family) Genus: Ailuropoda Species: A. melanoleuca

Which class does the panda belong to?

The scientific classification is as follows;. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Ursidae (bear family) Genus: Ailuropoda Species: A. melanoleuca

Does the panda belong to the bear family?

Yes, it does. For many years it was thought to be a member of the raccoon family, but modern genetic and DNA testing show it is, indeed, a bear.

What phylum do giant pandas belong to?

It belongs to: . Kingdom:. Animalia . Phylum:. Chordata . Class:. Mammalia . Order:. Carnivora . Family:. Ursidae . Genus:. Ailuropoda . Species:. A. melanoleuca .

To what phylum does the panda belong?

phylum chordata Ans#2: It belongs to: . Kingdom:. Animalia . Phylum:. Chordata . Class:. Mammalia . Order:. Carnivora . Family:. Ursidae . Genus:. Ailuropoda . Species:. A. melanoleuca .

Where can you find wild Pandas in China?

Pandas can be found in the mountain ranges of central China. Mainly in Sichuan provinces but also in the Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

What forest in China do the pandas live in?

well they don't live in any certain forest they only live in a few mountain ranges in central China's Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces.

What is china doing to help pandas?

China has created many nature preserves for giant pandas. They alsohave laws to protect them from hunters and poachers.

Where is the panda region in china?

Their called Giant Pandas and the region is in the Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan Provinces. Which are east to the Tibetan Plateau.

Do Pandas live in China or the zoo?

Panda bears DO live in both. However they tend to thrive in zoos instead of the wilds of China because of the special care in zoo habitats. The people living near the Panda polpulation in China are cutting down the bamboo and limiting the Panda Bear's resources.

Why are pandas important to China?

They're almost like a mascot, it is also an infamous endangered animal so all the worlds eye are on them to save the species.

What is the giant panda a symbol of in China?

Pandas are cute and cuddling in yet they are very strong. Keep this in mind when making judgments based on first appearances. The contrasting coloring of black and white of a Panda's fur is representative differences in cultures. Black and white also are depicted in yin y ( Full Answer )

How do Pandas effect China?

They are a symbol of China. Also, if the pandas didnt eat so much banboo, thre would be too much of it.

Why do red pandas live in China?

No'one's really sure, probably because of the climate or maybe the food that china provides for the animals, not many people would know this answer.

What is China doing to pandas?

Many Chinese people are trying to save the pandas, but some are still trying to poach them for their valuable coats.

Are pandas well known in china?

well kind of but they are mostly known to live in Japan though but some pandas are in China like the Red Panda in thought ☺☻☺☻ hope you like the answer because im only 11 that came from my head just thinking!

Does China own all the pandas?

Actually, China DOES own all of the Giant Pandas (not sure aboutRed Pandas, which are a completely different species anyway).Pandas are a highly endangered species, and since they are locatedin the wild only in China, the Chinese government can placewhatever restrictions they see fit in order to pro ( Full Answer )

Why are tigers and pandas endangered in china?

There are several reasons why pandas are endangered : Low reproductive rate - Pandas like to be by themselves most of the year, and they have a very short breeding season when a male will look for a female to mate with. Females give birth to one or two cubs, which are very dependent on their mothe ( Full Answer )

Do qingling pandas live in China?

Yes. Qinling pandas are a subspecies of the giant panda, found in 1965 but not recognized as a subspecies until 2005. They live in the Qinling Mountains of China and are about 200-300 in the wild.

Are red pandas a panda at all?

Technically, yes red pandas are pandas. In fact they were the very first pandas. The other pandas were named after it.

Is the panda related to China?

The giant panda comes from China . It lives in the south east of China and central China.

South China sea belong to China?

South China Sea does not belong to any one just like Indian Ocean.China and Taiwan claim it since 1947 but no nation has recognizedsince China and Taiwan are both Chinese.

Are pandas in China endangered?

Not yet. But we do need to help them NOT go endangerd by not chopping dowm their homes to make farms and furniture becauese they eat bamboo the most and if they do not eat it they will get very sick and die.

What does China do for pandas?

one of the ways china helps pandas is the increasingly large supply of bamboo which pandas need to eat/live and grow.

Why are the pandas in China becoming extinct?

They are becoming increasingly threatened as their habitat is being destroyed and butchered:the pandas live in the remaining bamboo forests of China, but as they are being cut down for resources and building sites, their home and main food source is being ungratefully cut down. If you want more inf ( Full Answer )

Why are pandas becoming extinct in China?

There are many ways that pandas get killed. People are cutting forest and they can't live with no home. They are also killing pandas for their fur. So that is why only a few pandas in China are left.

Who are going to help pandas in China?

A lot of people are going to help pandas. They are going to help by not cutting down bamboo trees. I like to help. By not hunting pandas for their fur. . Also I can go to China and help save the pandas.

What do people in China do to pandas?

The Panda is a protected species in China. Anyone who hurts orkills a panda can get serious penalties. Before 1997, this wouldeven include the death penalty.