Do all plants need sunlight to grow?

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YES. because if a flower does not have the vitams it needs from the sun it will not grow properly and will die without its protein
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How much sunlight does a plant need to grow?

Indoor plants normally require a minimum of 600 Lux (unit of light intensity) to grow, below this growth is extremely poor, plants are stressed and normally die

Does all plants needs sunlight?

Yes all plants need sunlight. Plants need sunlight to produce food for themselves by photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is also needed for this process.

Do you need sunlight for a plant to grow?

not necessarily The plant needs water to survive but it does grow. the grass in darkness( if you are doing grass,) is going to be longer than the one that grows in the sunligh

Does the soil need sunlight for the plant to grow properly or does only the plant need sunlight?

Sunlight hits the green pigment on the leaves and splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. Then the hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide to make sugar. The plant throws away th
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Do all plants in the desert need sunlight?

Well, I mean, if they have to put up with it 365 days a year, I'm really quite positive they're able to take it .... Hope that helped! - )
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Do all trees need to grow with sunlight?

All trees need light to aid growth. Direst sunlight is not always vital. Different degrees of shade will suit different types of tree.
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What do all the plants need sunlight?

Plants need sunlight for food, plants convert sunlight into foodwhich is called photosynthesis.