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Q: Do all teeth children loose grow back?
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How many teeth do grown ups have?

When grown adults grow all of their teeth they'll have 32 teeth if u loose any of ur adult teeth it WILL NOT GROW BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Do molars grow twice?

Yes. Like all other teeth molars have two sets of teeth. If you loose your first set (Baby teeth) they will grow back into adult teeth. But if your adult teeth fall out (second set) just like other teeth they will not grow back. It is painfull to have teeth missing, but you get used to it.

If you loose a molar will it grow back?

If it's one of your "baby teeth", yes, otherwise probably not.

What happens after loose of baby teeth?

After you loose your baby teeth, your permanent teeth can grow in. (Learn more about dental health at

Do whales teeth grow back?

Whales have bristles, not teeth. So no their teeth do not grow back.

Can a 15 year old loose teeth and grow again?

Yes,It's normal. It may be happened that many children are getting lose their teeth earlier due to they got early teeth.

What to do if children teeth never grow?

Children need have teeth be normal. He teeth be normal!

Do baby back teeth grow back?

No u don't get ur baby teeth back u then grow ur adult teeth !

Do your baby teeth grow back?

No u don't get ur baby teeth back u then grow ur adult teeth !

Do children lose canine teeth?

yesIn actuality, no they do not regrow, but will be replaced by permanent/adult teeth. See the answer in: Do children canine teeth grow back?

Do wolf teeth grow back?

Adult wolf teeth do not grow back. In fact, teeth do not regenerate in any mammal once they have reached adulthood.

My 6yr old's upper baby teeth are not growing in right They seem to be pushed back into her gums She has not lost any teeth yet and she does not complain of pain It looks like she has no upper teeth?

Sometimes premature babies will have this problem with their teeth as they grow. Most children will loose their baby teeth anywhere from 5 to 8 years old. Your family dentist would be able to determine if there will be problems with the permanent teeth.