Do all volcanoes erupt violently?


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No because there are some volcanoes that have a lava flow but no explosions. There are some that are extinct volcanoes or sleeping.

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Shield volcanoes erupt least violently cinder cone most violently and compost can erupt either way.

Cinder cone volcanoes erupt explosively, but not as violently as composite volcanoes.

Dormant volcanoes don't erupt at all. When volcanoes are dormant, are "asleep" and do not erupt for a while. actually yes dormant is asleep but they can erupt at any time your thinking extinct valcanos dont erupt

Composite volcanoes erupt the most violently.

Cinder Cone volcanoes do explode violently, but not as violently as a composite volcanoes.Yes, they are rather very loud and explosive.

It all depends on the the temperature and the consistency of the lava

Yes. Composite volcanoes often produce violent eruptions.

because they are volcanoes, all volcanoes erupt

Shield Volcanoes erupt less violently and flows further then composite volcanoes. A composite volcano erupts more violently.

Yes, all volcanoes erupt, but shield volcanoes don't have explosive eruptions.

No, not all volcanoes would erupt the same way. Some volcanoes erupt by explosion while others barely trickle lava down the volcano.

Not all volcanoes are mountains though most do form mountains. Some volcanoes form as simple fissures in the ground. There is a so-called supervolcano in Yellowstone that, does not take the form of a mountain. Kimberlite volcanoes also erupt too violently to form mountains.

No. Many volcanoes are dormant or inactive.

no all the volcanoes do not erupt.there are three types of volcanoes extinct,average and active. no because there are dome mountains that do not erupt and they are full of lava and they will erupt in more or less than 300 years.

Volcanoes are essentially holes in the earths surface through which magma and lava can erupt. when pressure builds up below the earths crust, magma is then forced violently out of the volcanoes.

Not all volcanoes have an active magma source all the time.

not all but some can erupt in about 1 1/2 years soon

Some Volcanoes erupt while some don't because there are alot of different volcanoes but they all do the same thing.

this all has to do with where the volcano is located. some volcanos are located in places where ther is more activity underneath, and other have not so much activity. the more activity, the more violently the volcano will erupt.

Volcanoes are only destructive to people and property when they erupt. Volcanoes can lie dormant for decades before they erupt. The Hawaiian Islands were all formed from eruptions of volcanoes in the ocean.

what is the two ways volcanoes erupt

Volcanoes that erupt regularly are classified as being active volcanoes.

dormant volcanoes are not as active as active volcanoes, but can erupt unexpectedly. the only volcanoes that we know when will erupt for sure are extinct volcanoes, because they will never erupt again.

Most do, but not in all eruptions. Many volcanoes, instead of producing lava, erupt clouds of hot ash, rock, and pumice.

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