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Cell Salts do not have additives or binders that stress the liver,

and potenization eliminates the questions of getting too much

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Q: Do alternative medicine cell salts have side effects?
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How does salts enter the cell?

Salts are soluble. The phospholipid bilayer membrane of cell walls are permeable to water and thus allow water and water-soluble substances, like salts, diffuse through.

What are the importance of cell division in medicine and agriculture?

cell divison in medicine and agriculture

How do water salts and sugars keep a blood cell from swelling?

It Keeps Them From Swelling Because Of the The Things That Are In The Sugars And Salts.

How do water salts and sugars keep blood cells from swelling?

The water salts and sugars will match the water concentration within the blood cell, therefore water does not enter or leave the cell, resulting in the cell not swelling.

Why animal cells burst when they are place in pure water?

Because in pure water the concentration of salts is zero. But in cells the concentration of salts is more than the concentration of salts in pure water. Hence when animal cell is placed in pure water the cell absorbs water by the phenomenon of osmosis and the cell cant bear that pressure as it donot have cell wall . Hence the cell finally bursts.

What are facts about a vacuole in a plant cell?

The vacuole in a plant cell contains cell sap, a weak solution of sugar and salts.

What of the cell leaves and enters the cell?

if you are talking about parts, nothing. but sugar and salts enter the cell. Water does too.(osmosis)

Things that are made of potassium?

Fertilisers have potassium salts, bananas have potassium salts, human cell fluids have potassium salts. Nothing is made from pure potassium as it is a very reactive metal.

What are the six elements that make up 98 percent of the cell?

cell sap = water+minerlas+salts

When cell is in hypertonic solution How will water molecules move?

the water molecules will move out of the cell to higher concentration of salts on the outside of the cell.

What Chemical is used to refurbish wet cell batteries?

epson salts

What chemicals are found in a white blood cell?

Fats salts and proteins.

Why does salt not diffuse out of the a cell?

Salts are not selectively permeable. Membranes do not let them to move free

What passes through the cell membrane in a root hair cell?

water and mineral salts are obtained in the soil and are absorb by the root hair cell

What is the function of the root hair cell?

The function of the root hair cell in plant is to absorb water and mineral salts.......

Frankincense as alternative medicine?

I have used frankincense oil for a number of things, including skin eruptions and....hold onto your hat..... basal cell cancer, of which I have had a few. I use the oil and it is the best of the best.

Describe the movement of water and mineral salts into the root hair cell?


Where do plant cells store their dissolved materials such as salts and sugars?

The Cell Wall

What is a cell sap?

Cell sap is a solution present in plant cell central vacuole containing salts , sugars , organic substances and wastes .

What are the ill effects of pollution on humans?

the effects of that can be destroded the human cell

The cell membrane surrounds a complex solution of organic materials and salts is referred to as?


How is nanotechnology useful in the field of medicine?

i need some information of nanotechnology and how it is useful in the field of medicine. then what is stem cell nanotechnology and what is the application of stem cell nanotechnology.

Which plant cell structure stores large amounts of chemicals including salts minerals proteins and water for the cell and helps the cell maintain its shape?

The central vacuole.

What are the current alternative treatments for Squamous Cell Carcinoma?


What is the adherence of a cell?

The capsule can be useful in medicine because