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Q: Do angelfish eat there babies after they hatch?
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Do angelfish eat their own babies?

Some angelfish do eat their own babies. Many do care and parent their young. The ones that eat them usually do it because of not knowing how to parent or getting bored with the babies. Many angelfish also eat the eggs that were not fertilized.

Will angelfish eat the babies of breeding electric yellow cichlid parents?

yes, but angelfish will also be attacked by parents of the baby fry, not compatible

Do angelfish protect their young a lot or a little?

They protect them while they are eggs but may eat them once they hatch

Can angelfish have babies?

Yes, Angelfish can have babies. Usually they lay their eggs on leaves on plants and guards them.

How many babies hatch from salmon?

female salmon hatch a thousand babies. so, a thousand babies hatch from salmon.

What do angelfish eat in the ocean?

Angelfish eat other fish.

Do angelfish leave their babies after birth?

no they don't. but both of the parents will eat the guppies... keep guppies away from mom and dad!

What do whales and krill eat?

angelfish eat smaller fish and plankton,but what eat's angelfish

Does angelfish eat guppy?

all larger angelfish eat guppys

What do Arabian angelfish eat?

Arabian Angelfish eat mostly meat.

What do angelfish eat in the wild?

Angelfish eat algae, some coral, smaller fish, brine shrimp. Angelfish are omnivores.

What do WILD angelfish eat?

Angelfish eat algae, some coral, smaller fish, brine shrimp. Angelfish are omnivores.

What do it mean a angelfish reproduce?

It has babies.

Are angelfish and guppies compatible?

No... the angel fish as babies will be fine with guppies, but as they get older and bigger, the will become more aggressive and will eat anything that it can get to.

How long does it take for angelfish eggs to hatch?

Angelfish eggs will hatch in about 60 hours at 80° F - according to 3-4 days.

What kinds of predators eat emperor angelfish?

Larger fish eat emperor angelfish.

Why did your angelfish eggs turn white?

Unfortunately, the eggs are infected. They will not hatch.

Do angelfish eat zooplankton?

Angelfish mostly eat zooplankton and they can eat dried algae. If in captivity, they can also eat brine shrimp, shellfish and Mysis.

Will angelfish eat neon tetras?

Most larger fish, including adult angelfish, will eat small fish such as neon tetras. So yes, eventually, angelfish may eat neon tetras.

What fish eats angelfish?

Bigger fish eat angelfish such as catfish.

What does a queen angelfish eat?

Queen Angelfish eat plankton and smaller fish.Sponges and other invertebrates.

When will angelfish eggs hatch?

At 80F your angelfish eggs will go white within 24 hrs if they are not fertile and should be wrigglers within 72 hours if they are fertile.

What is the gestation period of an angelfish?

Angelfish eggs hatch in 2 to 3 days depending on water temperature. Wamer water tends to shorten gestation time.

How many babies does an angelfish have?

30 babies or more but separate if u want to have more babies in 1o days

How does a angelfish eat?

they open their mouths and eat.