Do animals behave differently just before natural disasters are about to happen?

== == * Bears, deer will run for the mountains as far away as they can. Horses will bolt and run and cattle will become restless and stampede. During the last Tsunami the elephants were acting up and strangely enough the native people ignored this sign in them. In fact, they couldn't control the elephants and the elephants made a fast retreat for higher ground. One native noticed this and yelled out to follow the elephants and it's a good thing they did. The Indians in Western countries can tell when weather is going to change by the actions of beetles and other bugs or even how birds act. * Yes they do. They feel and hear these things before humans do. I have two parrots, and they squawk uncontrollably right before an earthquake. Dogs and cats will most likely be ultra calm and clingy. They might hide, or act abnormally. My cat before the earthquake that just hit Illinois, was freakishly odd for an entire day beforehand. He woke me up repeatedly, and meowed and meowed all night long trying to get me out of bed. just before the earthquake happened he bit my nose to wake me up, then hid under the bed. afterwards, he came out to make sure I was OK. He also predicted the aftershocks by about 20 minutes apiece. I was impressed.