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People say, they do not know. They know.

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Q: Do anorexic people know they're anorexic?
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Do anorexic people eat kitchen roll?

No, anorexic people do not eat kitchen roll. I know this because i am anorexic and i haven't eaten kitchen roll since... forever!

What percent of british people are anorexic?

1 in every 250 people are anorexic. So that is 0.4% or so.Roughly 1 in every 250 people are anorexic, or have an eating disorder with anorexic-like properties.

Where are the most anorexic people born?

Japanese people are most anorexic in the world

How many people become anorexic in the UK?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people is anorexic.

Why people do people sleep barefoot?

because theyre freaks who like to harvest theyre toe jam residue of theyre sheets. then spread it on theyre parents toast

Are the olsen twins anorexic?

They are role models in the anorexic community. :) That's what I know. I bet they are :)

Is Willow Smith anorexic?

Some people are just natrually skinny (: But I don't know for sure...probaly not (:

What are jelly fish related to?

i dont know what theyre related to but i know theyre full of jello and have a nasty sting

How much weight do you loose being anorexic and bulimic?

Anorexia and bulimia are very serious eating disorders. People who are anorexic or bulimic can lose as much or as little weight possible. Some people can be 10 pounds underweight, some can be 40 pounds underweight. If you know someone who is anorexic or bulimic tell them that you are worried about them and strongly encourage them to get professional help.

How many people get anorexia in UK?

An estimated 1 in every 250 people are anorexic or exhibit anorexic-like tendencies.

How may people suffer from anorexia in America?

1 in every 250 people is anorexic or shows anorexic tendencies in America.

How can you become anorexic when you love food?

because people like me ... we hate food its our worst enemy your staving yourself ... to become thinner you cant just become Anorexic you know ... its a decease in the mind. you don't just become it some are born with it! if you want to be anorexic you will be a wanmanorexic anorexic is a mental condition in the brain where as a wannanoriexic isn't it means you want the decease. or to be like one.

Percentage of anorexic in US?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people in the US is anorexic.

What percent of the people in the US have anorexia?

Roughly 1 out of every 250 people is anorexic, or has anorexic-like tendencies when it comes to food.

What is the diet for an anorexic?

Anorexic people do not eat anything. They starve themselves due to mental conditions.

Are anorexic people healthy?


What percent of girls are anorexic?

the percent of girls that are anorexic is 90% the other 10% are boys (i know this for a fact)

Why do snakes make a hissing noise?

to make sure you know theyre there. or to warn theyre about to strike.

What's an anorexic diet?

Anorexic "diets" are very unhealthy and WikiAnswers does not encourage people to go on such a "diet".

How many people are anorexic in the world?

4 people

Why do people judge anorexia teens?

I guess if they tease them then they are just jealous of them. For Example, If someone teased you because YOU were anerexic, you would not appreciate it but you would know they were just jealous. Although I must admit, the anorexic teenager, should probably get some help to try and gain weight, believe me I would know. I know a girl who stopped eating and went anorexic, she then got very sick and almost died! Lucky they got her to a hospital in time. Trust me, that person should not be jealous because they should know if they were anorexic, they have the chance to die. The anorexic girl could also die. Therefore, if you were a good enough friend, you would get her some help.

Is it tempting to go anorexic?

For wannabes it is but for most people like myself that just sounds stupid as i am a proper anorexic.

How many anorexic people are there in the world?

Millions and millions of people world-wide are anorexic. An estimated 1% of the population in the entire world suffers from diagnosable anorexia.

Is there anorexic people in Europe?


How many people out of 30 have anorexia?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people is anorexic. That equates to about 0.12 (less than one) out of every 30 people is anorexic.