Do anphibians have scales

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No they do not have scales or hair

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Q: Do anphibians have scales
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Do anphibians have skin or scales?

amphibians have skin not scales if i am not mistaken

Are crocodile anphibians?

No crocodiles are NOT amphibians they are reptiles amphibians have skin not scales.

What gave reptiles and advantage over amphibians?

reptiles have scales (hard skin) to protect them and anphibians don't

Are salamanders anphibians?

Salamanders are anphibians

Do anphibians have backbones?

no they dont

Do anphibians have a skeleton?


Do peacocks eat anphibians?


Are hippos anphibians?

No, they are mammals.

Does anphibians have fur or hair?


Do anphibians shed their skin?

Yes they do.

Are snails anphibians?

Snails are invertebrates. :)

Do anphibians hatch from eggs?