Do ants float in water by gathering into a ball with other ants?


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No they don't. they fly around with their ears.


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I've seen some float... I don't think they'll live long in water, though.

No, but re ants can. Because they made them self as a life boat and float to the other side of the river after landing they continue to march but when the water push to strong they make using themselves as bridge and make them march one by one. When the ants ( taking food or babies ) had pass the bridge then, the ants ( the one that made themselves as bridge ) FLIP and jump through the back of the front ants. They keep doing that a lot. +++ That's not quite the same thing - that is how to cross water without drowning.

Other ants, if they're from the same anthill. Old carcasses. Sugar water.

Sugar, Ants will go after anything sweet to keep them energized for their long gathering days.

Yes, ants drink water.

the ants role in life is to please their queen ant. they may do this by doing what she asks them to do. some examples are, gathering food and leaves.

Ants that eat other ants.

Either the water goes down the tunnels and drown the poor ants. Or the tunnels collaps and the ants have to rebuild that tunnel and escape out of the other tunnels.

Ants, as any other insects may get all their water needs trough food supply. If there is any more need than that they find other source of water. (for example ants do not react to clean, dry sugar, thay can only absorb it in water solution). Depends also on the actual ant species.

Ants are attracted to sugar and do not die from eating sugar or sweet things. Most people think sugar kills ant because they try to exterminate the ants with sugar water. The water is what kills the ants. For example, if a bowl of sugar water is left out to kill ants, the sugar attracts the ants but the water drowns the ants.

They actually drown but if you just use water they will just float to safety if they are near a piece of land but you may drown the ant queen.

Ants prepare for the winter by gathering food during the summer. Once winter comes, they stayed underground and eat the food that they gathered.

water and ants feed the ants tothe water bugs

Ants don't drink water . They get water from their food as well.

because if a ant is injured sometimes other ants will try to help the other ant

Cracka ants. like the crackas, they take other ants as slaves.

Ants get water from the foods they eat, they usually do not drink water from deep places.

Ants cannot cross breed. Ants will only breed with other ants of the same species. They will not cross bread with other types of insects.

Technically, in some way some ants do puke. Honey ants, which store honey for the rest of the colony, regurgitate honey to feed the other worker ants. Regular worker ants, carpenter ants, and multiple other kinds of ants do not puke.

Similar to other ants, red ants scavange for food.

The Queen ants do not need to get water them selves because the slave ants bring it to her.

Fire ants will eat other ants. Army ants will also eat other ants and actually seem to specialize in raiding the broods of other ant colonies.In fact fire ants will eat almost any kind of insect they catch.Ants (Formicidae) are a very broad genus. Asking what do ants eat is like asking what do people eat. It depends on which ants.

No neither other can but fireflies can burn ants exect if their fire ants.

Theeat other bugs, why not ants?

when they communicate with other ants

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