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No! they eat human blood to gain blood

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Are you right about the ants called blood ants?


Do ants suck your blood?


Do ants have blood in their bodies?

Yes insects have blood.

Do ants have alcohol in their blood?

Ants do not have closed blood vessels. They have a long, thin tube that functions like a heart, and pumps the internal fluids.

Do ants have blood in their body?

yes las

Are fire ants deadly?

Fire ants arn't necessarily deadly but if one gets on you it will suck your blood

What color blood do ants have?

It's a pale yellow color.

Do ants hate salt?

sure, I mean it raises their blood pressure

Why do ants like blood?

Because animal tissue is very nutritious.

Do ants have heart?

yes they have.Not only ants every living being have their own hearts. because they play the major role in the blood circulation .and ants have their heart on the back portion of the entire body.

Are red ants deadly?

yeah they suck your blood and im sure they can kill you

Why do Ants have blue blood?

their blood appears blue because they use the mineral copper to carry oxygen instead of iron which we use !

Can red velvet ants kill humans?

Yes they can because if they suck your blood poision will get on to you.

What types of ants are there?

driver ants, bull ants, jack jumper ants, black ants, fire ants, red ants, carpenter ants, army ants, and 8,000 more species of ants.

Which has bigger population ants or mosquitos?

I think mosquitoes and feed on any animal blood. Ants are found only where there is food such as human house, jungles, dead bodies, etc.

What does it mean if small Red ants are attracted to your urine?

Ants being attracted to urine is a sign of high blood sugar. You should get to the doctor to make sure you're not diabetic.

What are cannibal ants?

The real name of so-called cannibal ants is Adetomyrma. They are found in Madagascar. They are called cannibals because they feed on the insect "blood" of the larvae in their own colonies.

What two ways do white blood cells fight infection?

they fight of by killing ants in your body

A what of ants?

It can be : a swarm of ants a colony of ants an army of ants

Does an ant have a heart?

Yes, The heart is a long tube that pumps colorless blood from the head back to the rear and then back up to the head again. The blood kind of coats the insides of the ants and is then sucked into the tube and pumped up to the head again. Ants do not have lungs.

Give the differents kinds of ants?

Honeypot ants Fire ants Bulldog ants Army ants Silver ants

How are ants harmfull to us?

Most ants are very harmless to us.Some people try to kill them but they cannot harm you so I don`t know why.Bullet Ants are the worst ant.In other countries men get in shorts and pour Bullet Ants on them.They pinch and bite away and poisen your skin!It also harms your Blood Samples some people say which I belive.But the only harmfull thing about ants in the dreadfull Bullet Ants breed.

What ants use other ants as slave ants?

red ants

Do ants have ants?

Yes ants do produce ants to continue the family.

What are the different types of ants?

Some of the different types of ants are Leaf-cutter Carpenter Fire Army ants, Driver ants, Honeypot ants, Weaver ants, Silver ants Bulldog ants