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Commonly, for the girl's uniform they usually wear "sailor" outfits that are called "seifuku" in Japan in any possible color. Middle School and high school girls in Japan are given to wear two separate uniforms: the winter uniform and the summer uniform- long sleeve uniform and short-sleeve uniform.

For the boy's uniform they have to wear jumpsuits that are usually navy blue. Middle school and high school boys in Japan are also given to wear separate uniforms summer and winter. For summer, Boys wear a white polo shirt and black or navy blue pants.

In elementary, kids in Japan usually or don't have to wear school uniform. But the time their in the third grade, they actually have to. Girls wear the seifuku school uniforms and boys also do, too.

For the shoes, middle and high school students are required to wear two sets of shoes: brown loafers and indoor shoes that are plain white.

That's what students are supposed to wear in Japan!

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Possibly, but I don't think so.

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Q: Do any American schools have school uniforms that look like Japanese school uniforms?
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