Do any astronauts live in Austin?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Do any astronauts live in Austin?
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What do astronauts search for in Venus?

What scientist and astronauts search for is mainly signs of life. To see if you can live on any of the planets. THANK YOU

Where do astronauts live in space?

Right now, Astronauts and Cosmonauts live inside the space station that orbits Earth.

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What did astronauts live on the moon?

While on the moon the astronauts lived in their lunar module.

Where does stone cold live in Austin?

yes he live in Austin,Texas

Where did the astronauts live?

in houses s.

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Can astronauts fly out of space?

Yes, astronauts can fly out here and there as they live in zero gravity in space.

What do astronauts call your galaxy?

I live in the Milky Way galaxy and the astronauts live here also when they are not in space but even in space they have never left our galaxy.

Were the remains found of any of the Columbia astronauts?

Remains from all the astronauts were recovered.

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