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All modern heater will shut off automaticly if they get tilted.

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Q: Do any heaters come with automatic shut off?
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Does this iron have any automatic shut-off feature?

The Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron and Steamer does not have an automatic shut-off feature.

Are there any heaters with thermostats?

Yes, almost all of the heaters feature automatic thermostats. These allow you to set your desired temperature and the heater will turn on and off to ensure that your environment stays consistent and comfortable.

Do any electric blankets have an automatic shut off feature?

Most electric blankets will shut off if start operating beyond a safe temperature.

Is there any battery powered heaters invented yet?

Heaters for what purpose?

What is a 35 degree rise for tankless water heaters?

That question didn't even come close to making any sense.

Are heaters in California any more heavily regulated than heaters in other states?

California has the strictest regulations, so if you can, buy heaters from there.

Where can I purchase efficient water heaters?

You can buy water heaters from any home hardware store.

Do any new cars come with automatic seatbelts?

When pigs can fly, that'll happen

Are there any battery powered heaters?

Unfortunately, heaters can put out over 1,000 Watts, which is far too much for any battery assembly to power.

How safe to use are infrared heaters?

They are very safe, The radiation they emit is in the below the light spectrum and doesn't burn, also they have tip over features that make them shut off.You shouldn't have any problems with them.

Where can I purchase water heaters?

You can purchase water heaters at any home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot.

Where can I find tankless water heaters in New York?

You can find in-line water heaters at any of the Home Depots in NYC, or at just about any plumbing or electrical store.

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