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SOHO tanning beds have temperature settings

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โˆ™ 2009-10-28 12:20:43
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Q: Do any tanning beds have temperature settings?
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Are there any health risks from using tanning beds?

Studies have shown that tanning beds can cause skin cancer if overused.

Do any tanning beds let you set the UV out put?

SOHO tanning beds let you set the UV out put

Do tanning beds damage any type of a gemstone worn in bed?


Do any tanning beds have cooling units for a more comfortable tan time?

yes , the SOHO tanning beds have cooling units for a more comfortable tan time.

Are there timers that automatically turn off a tanning bed available on any tanning beds?

The lower end beds don't have the switch off option so you have to be very careful.

Can I buy cheap tanning beds online?

I've found tanning beds online. I wouldn't caqll any of them cheap. Use goggle and check the shopping button and you can sort by price.

Do any tanning beds get extra hot?

Most have safety features to prevent burns.

Do any tanning beds stay cool?

Wolff System Sunvision 28LE 2F Tanning Bed has a fan to help you stay cool.

Do you know any salons that do air brush tanning?

Most major salons do both spray tanning and tanning beds. Any chain such as Planet Tan, or Endless Summer will offer an air brush tan.

Do any tanning beds work well but not be as bright?

There are more top of the line tanning beds that are not quite as bright and offer a great tan but they will usually cost double what you normally would pay.

What are the differences between a canopy tanning bed and a regular tanning bed?

Canopy tanning beds consist of a canopy with many UV lamps mounted onto it, it does not require you to lie down and be isolated like the regular tanning bed, with a canopy tanning bed you can be in any comfortable position.

Is it best to tan after a workout?

You should be extremely careful about tanning. Many people who use tanning booths / beds have developed skin cancer later on. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any kind of tanning program.

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