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There are many options for seniors who are traveling. Book your trip with a company who has a good reputation and caters to the needs of the travelers. Have a great trip.

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Q: Do any tourist hot-spots offer travel tours for seniors?
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Do they offer packages for seniors to travel to the Caribbean?

Many Travel Agents will offer discounts for Seniors to the Caribbean. You will want to visit websites such as which will provide the information you seek.

Which companies offer international travel insurance for seniors?

Seniors can contact International Travel Insurance to inquire about travel insurance. It is also recommended for seniors to contact their own medical insurance companies to see what is available.

Are there travel insurance plans for seniors?

There are many travel insurance plans for seniors, many of which offer reduced rates and special coverage. You can view and compare different plans here:

Where can I find programs for business travel for seniors?

yes, if you contact the travel agency you are traveling with most of them, offer programs for business travel for seniors. if not you can ask and they should be able to help you to find the program for you

Is there cheap travel insurance for seniors?

Travel insurance is extremely important for when the unexpected occurs. While there isn't any travel insurance specifically for seniors many companies offer senior discounts.

Are there flights for seniors only?

There are many airlines which offer seniors only travel arrangements. For some ideas you can visit or

What types f travel packages should seniors purchase from?

According to, places that offer packages of seniors include Eldertreks, One Travel, Grand Travel, and Grand Circle. You should check them out

Where can I learn about cheap, last minute travel for seniors?

There are many places that offer last minute travel deals, not just for seniors but for everyone. One such place can be found here:

What companies offer senior discounts for travel insurance?

There are many companies which offer seniors discounts for travel insurance. You can obtain quotes online by visiting such websites as

what places offer travel insurance for the elderly?

There are a lot of companies which offer travel insurance for seniors at a discount rate. You can find out more information at the following website:

Are there travel discounts available for seniors?

There are many websites that offer deals for seniors as well as people that aren't older. Here are a few:,, and

Are there companies that offer travel for single seniors?

It is really nice for seniors that are single to be able to travel with others in the same boat. Here is a website that makes such arrangements:

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