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If you want. I've heard that an apostrophe with letters in numbers is an American thing. I've also heard that the Brits do it differently. I'm American and I don't use an apostrophe with letters and number as long as there is no confusion to the reader.


1300s or 1300's

ABCs or ABC's

Both examples are correct. It is my opinion that there is little chance of the reader becoming confused.

Examples when lack of an apostrophe might confuse the reader:

Mind your p's and q's.

Always remember to dot your i's and cross your t's.

Answer 2:

Apostrophes are commonly, but erroneously, used in numbers such as calendar decades or centuries instead of using the correct form, e.g. 1800s or the 1970s. According to the Oxford Dictionary, numbers used in this format should not have an apostrophe. It is acceptable (though not a rule) to use it for individual numbers such as "count in 7's as far as 100". Though acceptable, it is unnecessary.

In some situations it is acceptable to use an apostrophe to clarify a plural for lower case letters only - again, the Oxford Dictionary states that it is incorrect to use it for capitals. ABCs is correct. ABC's is not.

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Q: Do apostrophes used to show plurals of numbers and letters?
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Apostrophes are not used to show?


Why do writers use apostrophes?

Apostrophes are needed to form contractions (can't, don't, etc.), to show possession (the woman's dog; the Smiths' house; the neighbors' noise), to form plurals of numbers and initials (four 3's; two TV's or two TVs). Apostrophes are *not* to be used in making regular plurals, when a simple -s or -es should be added (cats, riders, the Hendersons, the Baileys, the Williamses, dogs, crackers, etc.)

Is there an apostrophe in cancellations?

No. The plural is "cancellations." Apostrophes show possession, not plural.---Perhaps because young students learn plurals, possessives, and contractions around the same time, the apostrophe is widely misused to form plurals. The only time apostrophes are correctly used in this way is when a word would be misunderstood using the S alone (e.g. "We counted the number of the's in the paragraph" meaning the word the). But italics are often used for that purpose. Where there are single letters, use uppercase, such as As and Os.

Is there an apostrophe in journeys?

no, you only use apostrophes to show ownership, or to replace letters in shortened words.

What is the duration of Apostrophes talk show?

The duration of Apostrophes - talk show - is 3600.0 seconds.

When was Apostrophes - talk show - created?

Apostrophes - talk show - was created on 1975-01-10.

When did Apostrophes - talk show - end?

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What are the correct usages of apostrophes?

Only use apostrophes in contractions, and to show possession

What are apostrophes used to show?

Removed letters such as "don't" (do not), "aren't" (are not), "can't" (can not), and so onOwning/having/belonging to, for example, "Dave's", "the organization's", or in the case of more than one person owning, "the students' " If the name ends with an "s" already, add the apostrophe after it, for example, "Chris' " or "James' ".Not for plurals, like "cars", unless it belongs to the plural in question, as in "the car's headlights"

Why do you use apostrophes?

1. To replace a letter when using a contraction. The apostrophe in ' wouldn't' is replacing the 'o'. 2. To show possession. This is Mary's pencil. 3. To show the plural of numbers, letters and abbreviations. Do not replace the three's in this chart with four's. How many l's are in parallel? An example of a plural abbreviation is ABC's

Do apostrophes indicate missing letters?

Yes, they can serve to indicate a missing letter in certain words such as "don't" (do not) or "I'll" (I will) These words are called contractions. Apostrophes can also be used to show possession when used at the end of a word with an s: as in Amy's answer. Hope that helps!

What are apostrophes used for?

Apostrophes are used for showing that letters have been taken out of a word or contraction (like in don't, the contraction of do and not, where the o in not has been taken out, or in get 'em, to show that 'em means them), or to show ownership or possession (like in Maxwell's hammer, where the 's shows that the hammer belongs to Maxwell, or in those girls' idea, to show that the idea belongs to those girls).