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Do asteroids have rings?

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No, asteroids don't have rings

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the rings are made of asteroids

The objects in Saturn's rings don't qualify as asteroids. They're just floating pieces of rock and ice pulled in by Saturn's gravity.

Saturn's rings where formed by the comets and asteroids with the strong gravitation pull .

Saturn's rings are made up of dust, rocks , asteroids, and moons.

THe Saturn Rings are a "Belt" of asteroids that have all found a similar orbit around Saturn. They are made after a collection of asteroids fall into the same orbit, and when observed from a distance, look like the classic "rings".

They are from bigger asteroids. Two big asteroids crash into each other and little pieces come off the big asteroids.

The different layers of the ring, The difference between the rings are huge. Asteroids in the rings. The completeness of the rings. The wideness of the rings. make it very fascinating.

No. It is made up of asteroids and other space matter.

They are made of asteroids floating around the planet's orbit.

Rings form around planets when asteroids, comets or any other large objects pass too close to the planet and are torn apart by the planet's gravity. These fragments will form the planetary rings.

Saturn's 'rings' are actually asteroids, meteorites and bits of rock that orbit around saturn. In the very far future, most planets may begin to have these rings due to rocks orbiting around planets.

Actually, all outer planets, (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) have rings, and they are made of gas, dust, and asteroids all captured by the planets' gravity.

The sun, planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, and rubble.

No,It is not possible to walk on Saturn,s rings because it is just a bunch of rocks and dust clustered together.No, Saturn's rings are basically a bunch of space junk such as broken asteroids, space rocks etc.

dust, soil, meteoroids, asteroids, rocks, may be other stars and universal heavenly bodies

There's nothing you can explain it with. Did you know Saturn, Neptune and Uranus all have rings? It's just made out of dust, asteroids and gases. It's not glass!

The rings are mainly made of from dust, ice or rubble from that planet.Most moons are asteroids or bits of the planet that have broken off of the planet caught in the gravitational pull from the planet.

Planets with their moons and/or rings, meteors, asteroids, and man-made satellites orbit our Sun, to our current knowledge.

By ring, I think you mean rings because there is more then one ring. The reason Saturn has rings is because it's gravity pulled in rock, asteroids, etc. and they started spinning around Saturn, over time forming it's huge and beautiful rings.

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

No. The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter. Saturn's rings are not composed of asteroids, they are made of small pieces of ice and rock.

no you are not able to stand on Saturn's rings because they are made up of asteroids and other objects unless you were standing on an asteroid

Asteroids (or perhaps "rogue asteroids").

We call them Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Pluto, satellites, rings, asteroids, comets, and meteoroids.

the asteroids crashed in Asia have 1000 asteroids