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Yes outo body shops also do paint jobs. A paint job has to be done after a body work. Body shops must therefore have equipment and experts for paint job.

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Q: Do auto body shops also do paint jobs?
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Where can I find auto paint shops?

Auto paint shops are located in several cities across America. They are also referred to as auto detailing shops, or body shops. This service usually costs around $300.

What is the number one auto body paint shop in America?

There are many different varieties of auto body paint shops in America, and there a large number of good ones. The number one auto body paint shop, if one was to choose one, is Maaco.

What material besides bondo is used in an auto body repair shop?

There are many materials in auto repair shops becides bondo, to include but not limited to. Primer, paint thiner, lacquer thinner, paint, filler, polishes and waxes. In most repair shops you will also find sheet metal.U will also find paints and paint guns,as well as dent pullers.

What are some good auto body shops in Nashville?

According to reviews online,, Whaley Paint & Body Shop, are all recommended body shops in the Nashville area.

Where can I find an Auto Body paint show?

Auto paint shops are located in several different cities in America. It should be relatively easy to find a shop to paint your car. It should only cost around $200.

How can you use auto paint colors effectively?

To use auto paint colors effectively, you need to have the right tools, such as a paint sprayer. Going to Auto Body School will also help because they would teach you how to apply the paint correctly.

What does auto body work do?

They fix cars and do stuff like that they also paint and improve them

Which auto body shops in Toronto Ontario provide car windscreen replacement?

There are many auto body shops in Toronto, Ontario that provide car windscreen replacement. Examples of auto body shops in Toronto, Ontario that provide car windscreen replacement includes Auto Glass Canada and Fix Auto.

Where is a trusted auto body shop I can go to?

It is likely that there are several trusted auto body shops that you can go to. AAA has a list of approved auto repair shops; see if they have approved of one near you.

What are some reliable auto body shops?

The elements that cause repair costs today are spare parts, procedures for repairing new cars, and the technology built into the front and back of today’s cars. Expensive repairs to new vehicles are just the new norm in the world of the Automotive Repair Shops industry. Another factor to consider is the price of the car paint itself and the high costs that Auto shops face, such as pollution costs, disposal costs, environmental regulations, and keeping the manufacturer up-to-date with the latest developments. Materials that auto body paint shop use in body repairs, such as paint and clear coats, are more expensive than old paint. This is related to EPA regulations. Only business expenses, such as painting booths, filters, electricity for heating, and paint roasting. While you may be worried about your car repair, it is always recommended to choose the best auto repair shop in Clifton NJ.

Do body shops sell organs or hair?

Body shops do not sell organs or hair. Body shops have nothing to do with the human body, but rather concern themselves with auto repair and maintenance.

What company in Tucson has the best ratings for auto body repair?

Yahoo Local has some ratings for auto body repair shops in Tucson: . Also try the CitySearch listings for Tucson: .