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As a general rule, babies do not poop in you. Babies only do that when under stress during childbirth. It is referred to as "meconium" and the baby usually inhales it. It doesn't do any harm to the baby as there isn't much there.

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How do babies poop in the womb?

They don't.

Do babies poop in the placenta?


Is lizard poop toxic to babies?


Can babies poop inside the womb?

yes they can

Why do babies poop there pants?

Everybody poops. Babies who have not been trained to use a toilet will naturally poop their pants, for lack of a better place to put it.

How much do babies poop?

40 gallons a day.

Do dinosaurs poop babies?

No; dinosaurs hatch from eggs.

What causes clay like stool in babies?

Lack of fluid in babies body or compacted poop

Is it possible for a babies skin to breakout from breast milk?


How do oposumms give birth?

Opossums poop out their babies on at a time. Every day usually at two o'clock they poop at one baby

What do babies do in the summer?

The same thing they do the rest of the, poop and be adorable:)

Do babies poop and pee in the womb?

Actually babies do pee in the womb. They very rarley poo though and if they do it's only when they are extremley overdue.

Can poop have babies?

Depends if it's a girl or a boy, and it's sexual attraction to one another. If your poops do have babies congrats and good luck.

Are you a poopy pants?

Some people such as babies poop their pants i just hope you're not on of them.

How do babies go to toilet sims freeplay?

Babies don't go on the toilet. Now and then a baby will poop in his/her diaper so just keep waiting!

Is it possible to projectile poop?

Babies do projectile poop. It's nothing to worry about, but nasty to clean up. (Anecdotally speaking, they usually get the relative least able to deal with it.)

How do you buy fake babies that poop sleep cry and pee?

you go to a store, and use money :)

Do vaginas poop?

No. Women have there ovulation out their vagina. ^That doesn't make sense. You suck. A correct answer follows... Yes, but only at one or two specific times in their lives. The time that women are guaranteed to poop out of their vaginas is when they are pregnant. While babies are in the womb they secrete quite a bit of so called "poop." Then when babies are born, all of this poop (along with placenta etc..) comes out. Hence the aptly named phenomenon known as "vaginal pooping."

Do guinea pigs poop alot before they give birth?

probly, cus the babies are pushing on her stomach

What does a fly eat?

A fly will eat anything that can be eaten sometimes a fly eats its own throw up or poop (it also eats human poop or animal poop it eats like allmost everything) gay they actually eat there own babies which are maggots why is it gay ?

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What does normal formula fed baby poop look like?

Babies bowel movements vary greatly and there is no real normal movements for either formula fed or breast fed babies. the only thing that separates formula fed babies from breast fed babies is that formula fed babies tend to have slightly more solid bowel movements.

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