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Do babies suffer from growing pains?


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yes because there bodies are growing so fast


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You get growing pains when you are growing. So for instance, if your legs are growing, you will get growing pains in your leg. :)

Anyone can get growing pains at any age it happens more to girls/women. Growing pains has nothing to do with growing

growing pains feel like cramps

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Growing pains can last between 10 to 15 minutes and can be felt deep in the muscles. Growing pains mostly happen with children as they grow up.

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There can be pains in your ribs while walking.

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A dog can experience awful horrible growing pains! very painful very very painful!

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Growing pains are just signs of growing and are completely normal. Some people have extremely painful growing pains and some no pain at all. You can get rid of growing pains by massaging them to lossen the muscles out. I'm eleven and I have grown so much so quickly that there is hardly any muscle around my knees and I have to wear knee supports to stop my knee from dislocating!

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Growing pain does not need any treatment.

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Actually, growing pains can give a low grade fever in young children. It can cause sleepless night and should be taken into consideration when a child gets irritable. Growing pains are often the reason for a child feeling sick, tired, grumpy etc. Especially when the brain grows, growing pains can cause nightmares, fever, restless nights and irritability.

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