Snapping Turtles

Do baby snapping turtles bite?

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Will baby snapping turtles get along with other baby turtles?

No, they will get nippy and mad. They might bite or even kill the other turtles.

Does baby snapping turtles bite?

Hell yea I'm gonna sell you encyclopedias!

Do snapping turtles eat people?

No snapping turtles do not 'eat' people, they may bite at them though.

Do baby turtles bite or pinch?

I had a turtle and it was not hand tame and it never bit or pinched me. So i don't think turtles bite or pinch unless its a snapping turtle.

Can you swim with snapping turtles?

I would not reccommend swimming with the snapping turtles. You can safely swim in a pond or river that has snapping turtles living in it. Snapping turtles bite if you get too close, though, and their jaws are very strong. A snapping turtle could bite your finger off. So swim away, but don't get too close to the turtles!

Can snapping turtles attack people?

No, but they can bite!

Can asnapping turtle eat a snapping turtle?

Yes. Adult snapping turtles will eat baby snapping turtles.

Does the snapping turtles bite?

Yes, snapping turtles have a very powerful bite and oftentimes will not release whatever they have bitten for quite a while. Approach them with caution, even the very young have a powerful bite.

Are there only two kinds of snapping turtles?

Well, if they bite I would call them snapping.

What is Bite force of common snapping turtle?

Common snapping turtles have a bite force of about 1000 pounds.(one thousand pounds)

Do baby snapping turtles eat grapes?

Now That's Just Stupid. Snapping Turtles Are Carnivores, Not Herbivores.

What eats baby snapping turtles?


Do turtles kill baby swans?

yes large snapping turtles can

Do alligator snapping turtles bite?

Hell yeah that thing will bite your face off if it has the chance

Do snapping turtles bite humans?

sometimes it depends if you treat them welll

Does turtle have the strongest bite force?

snapping turtles have strong bite i dont know about the strongest tho

What to do with wild baby snapping turtles?

RETURN it to the wild !

Do baby snapping turtles eat water bugs?


Will snapping turtles eat baby ducks?


Is it safe to handle baby snapping turtles?


What would a river be like without a snapping turtle?

Not very dangerous! Snapping turtles can bite your hand off if you provoke them.

Will baby snapping turtles eat dog food?


If baby snapping turtles get older where do they live?

Wherever their alive

What are baby snapping turtles allergic to?

goldfish is all i know of

Where do you most likely see snapping turtles?

mostly near ponds or swamps not to long ago i saw 11 baby snapping turtles on my patio they are so cute but when they get older they will turn in to a beast i advise you not to have a snapping turtle as a pet unless you want to get your fingers bitten off !!snapping turtles snap that's why there name is snapping turtles....i have 2 baby eastern box turtles crush and squirt.......please leave a comment on discussion page