Do bears eat little girls?

Bears are usually eating plants,even though they are classifying bears as carnivores. Bears are not. They are omnivores. Bears mostly eat plants, but if the bear was really despret for food it might. But it is extremely unusual for that ever to happen.

Bears, as a rule do not eat bipeds, that is human beings, male or female; people are simply not a food of choice; they will from time to time if the circumstances are just right maul the people.

Most of the bear-maulings, when the maulee did not survive to describe the situation, appear to occure when there is strong scented food about, or when the person was wearing colone or perfume while hiking or in camp or such.

Also there is some evidence to suggest that females when having a 'period' induce more bear attacks than otherwise, except for the other strong smells. There's really no need to give bears bad raps about sexual predation here; probably, to the bear, it's just another strong scent which the bear is currious about. It could also be that the bear is attracted to the scent of blood.

All does suggest that one should be well washed when walking through bear-driven woods, and not douse self with perfumes nor colones and pick the time of the month to do one's hiking.