Do bears kill elk and then do the coyotes eat the remains?

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no, bears only eat fish and berries but a coyote will kill elk and then a vulture or a hyena will eat the remains.
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What do coyotes eat?

Voles, prairie dogs, eastern cottontails, ground squirrels andmice. Coyotes will also eat small birds, snakes, lizards, deer,javelina(A kind of hog), cattle and small insects. Coyotes also eatsome fruits and vegetables during autumn and winter months. Coyotes are primarily carnivorous .They mostly c ( Full Answer )

What do elk eat?

Elk are primarily grazers, although they are more selective of whatthey eat than roughage herbivores like cattle. They eat grass aswell as leaves of shrubs and trees, and can be found grazing on theopen exposed slopes of mountainsides during the winter. In thesummer, they are mostly in the forest an ( Full Answer )

What eats coyotes?

Most likely any scavanger, but the Coyote would have to be dead.Coyotes don't really have natural enemies, or belong to the ediblesof any animals live kill food chain. There are known cases of largePredator Birds that will carry off small dog, so the young of anyspecies are likely prey for large bir ( Full Answer )

What does a coyote eat?

A coyote is mainly a meat eater, so he hunts rabbits, mice andsmall animals like that. A coyote is carnivorous (flesh eating). Typically they feed onsmall game, insects, rodents, rabits, and birds. a cyote eats mainly dead animals and other things that it can find that are dead on the side of the ro ( Full Answer )

Can a bear eat a coyote?

I really don't know about eating it, but it can certainly kill it. But, they rarely kill coyotes. Please note that most of the time bears kill coyotes in a competitive way, rather than predatory. :3

Do people eat elk?

Yes, some people do eat elk meat, a lot of people that live inCanada eat it because there are more elk there. You can also getmore exotic animal meat at some food markets like camels andkangaroos.

What eats coyote?

In north America larger canivores such as wolves, bears and cougars might kill and eat coyotes. Vultures, insects and smaller carnivores might feed on a dead coyote.

Who eats coyotes?

There are not many things that will choose to eat a coyote.Sometimes humans and bears will eat a coyote.

What will eat a coyote?

Mountain lions, wolves if desperate and can't find anything else to eat, bears, lynx if ocasionaly a lynx and a coyote get into a fight and the lynx who is morte powerful may eat the coyote, and other coyotes.

Do bears eat coyote?

Bears will eat coyote if they are already dead. They don't chasedown and eat coyotes as a general rule. Bears eat smaller animalslike mice, rats, gophers and beavers.

Do elk eat cows?

No. Like cows, elk are strictly herbivores, they do not eat meat or hunt other animals.

What can eat a coyote?

Most of the time, an Predator will not actually "Eat" a Coyote. Large dogs kill Coyotes commonly. Wolves kill Coyotes also. what that person said(different person to that person who answered that question up there.

What did Irish elk eat?

Irish Elks lived in grassland bordering on woods and forests. TheIrish Elk ate a mixture of seasonal grasses, herbs and leaves. Inthe winter Irish Elk may have had to "make do" or survive on treetwigs and bark.

How does a coyote kill?

When hunting small prey like mice, the coyote will stand still with its legs stiff and then pounce on its prey. When hunting larger prey like deer, coyotes hunt in packs. One or more coyote will chase the deer while the others wait, then the next group will pick up the chase. Working in teams like t ( Full Answer )

Does a coyote eat a bear?

It depends on weather the coyote is alone or in a pack. If alone it would be a tasty treat for the bear, but if there was a pack then they (if rabid or starving) would attack for hopes of killing.

What do elk like to eat?

The elk's diet, depending on the season, is made up of eating grasses and bushes, stripping and eating the bark of aspen trees, and also eating lichens that grow on mature trees. During the spring, elk graze on different types of grasses. In the summer, elk continue to graze on grasses, broad-leafed ( Full Answer )

Do Grizzly Bears Eat Coyotes?

Not really, mainly because coyotes are often smart enough to stayclear of a grizzly bear for their own safety.

What kind of bear eats a coyote?

A hungry bear would eat a coyote. Actually any bear could eat a coyote. Unless you see the bear it is hard to say what kind it is.

Are elks fatter than bears?

I'm assuming you're curious about who is larger, a bear or an elk. Elks can weigh between 469 - 950 lbs. Bears, depending on species, can weigh anywhere from 100-1000 lbs... Sooo, it would depend on the kind of bear.

When do coyotes eat?

they eat mostly meat,and other animals ,like their own babies if they cant find any food

What killed the Irish elk?

Itself. The antlers of the great Irish elk became too big for a bull elk to support and ended up starving to death or being easy prey because it either cannot raise its head to move around properly--let along graze or browse--or lower its head down because the antlers would be too heavy.

Will black bear kill and eat animals?

Yes of course! Black bears do eat plants and stuff but they eat meat as well. Not like the meathumans do that are cooked and stuff. Black bears as all other bears eat there pray! They would not just kill an animal and leave it! They will eat there pray, but how long it takes them to eat it depends o ( Full Answer )

Where is the coyote build a bear?

Ok guys first of all dont ever listen to the people who have animal id codes or key codes they probably already used it and want to tell you guys and trick you one time i did that and no animal id code or key code was right so i just bought one at there are dogs and cats and coyotes a ( Full Answer )

Do wolves eat elk?

Yes.... They love elk along with deer and even other wolves and there puppies. They eat moose, they usually eat anything that has hoofs.

Can a .35 Remington kill an elk?

With a heart, spine, or lung shot, a .35 Remington will kill an elk. Load it with 275 grain bullets. With leverevolution powder from Hornady, a .35 Remington is much more adequate than you need it for elk.

Will coyotes eat other coyotes?

Coyotes do not eat other coyotes. They live in packs, and they have to work together to survive.

Does a coyote eat elks?

No, although packs can take down elk even though elk weigh well over 550 lbs, though coyotes do get their calves. of course they will... i live in grande cashe Alberta, Canada for a few yrs... if they get hungry enough a pack will eat almost anything.. i have heard stories of coyotes, teasing a ( Full Answer )

What kind of things do elk eat?

An Elk's diet consist of the following; . grass . alfalfa . clover . fruit . vegetables . bushes . bark of aspen trees . lichens . twigs

Do elk eat skunk?

Elk are herbivorous, so they don't eat any animals. Even carnivorous animals don't eat skunks. Any animal that attacks a skunk gets sprayed with its horrible smelling scent, which deters any predator except the Great Horned Owl which has no sense of smell.

How do you kill an elk on Wolfquest?

it matter are you trying to kill a bull elk or a elk ELK. if you want to kill a elk run behind one and bite it then walk slow again and run again and bite again until dead BULL ELK. bull elk are much harder to kill and will fight back so watch out you should probably have a mate with you if he ( Full Answer )

Do crocodiles eat elk?

Not usually as they do not share the same distribution. Crocodiles are mostly found in the tropics.

Do elk eat snakes?

No elk do not eat snakes. They eat plants. Such as grass, apples, and trees.

Does a tiger eat an elk?

Yes, most definitely if the opportunity is presented. Elk, ( Cervus canadiensis ) also known as wapiti, are native to North America and possibly parts of Siberia. In Asia, the tiger's current range does not overlap so they would not be a natural predator. The Moose ( Alces alces ) is called 'E ( Full Answer )

Would a bear or a coyote win?

A coyote would stand absolutely no chance against a bear unless the bear was a newborn cub.

Can a bear kill an elephant and eat it?

One bear can't kill an elephant due to there size, weight, strength, and thick hide. It would take at least 6 or 5 bears to take down an elephant.

Can an elk kill a cougar?

Elks have sharp antlers that can badly injure or sometimes kill a cougar if it hit the cougar, but usually cougars kill elks more often.

Can an elk kill a wolf?

A bull elk or a cow elk can kill a single wolf, but not a pack of wolves.

How does a gray wolf eat an elk?

In order for a gray wolf to eat an elk, it must first kill its prey, then proceed to place such elk in ones teeth where it will be broken down by enzymes and teeth into smaller bits of elk, then the gray wolf will swallow said elk, then proceed to subconciously digest it.

Can a elk kill a jaguar?

no it cant ... what kind of question is this .... A more usefull answer It is possible if they were brought together but the Elk would have to be very lucky. But it wont ever happen in the wild as Leopards live in Africa and Asia and Elk live in North America.

Do hawks eat elk?

if they git the chance to eat a elk they will. Most birds of prey will eat carrion (flesh from a creature which is alreay dead when the bird finds it). Some species prefer this, while other species prefer a fresh kill if they can get it but will settle for carrion if that's all they can get.

Do foxes eat elks?

If they found an already dead one - sure. . But they wouldn't be able to kill one on their own.

What does a elk eating?

An elk will graze on grasses, brows on trees and bushes, lichensand mosses, and gnaw on tree bark if very hungry during winter.