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What's the question agen? Is it, does bible have prayers inside?

There is one prayer called the Lord's prayer which Jesus taught his disciples when they asked him to teach them how to pray.

There are lots of other prayers by different characters. It may suit you depending on the situation you are in. But as far as I know, The Lord's Prayer is the only one that is intended as a prayer you can use, or as a model for your prayer.

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Q: Do bible have prayers have inside?
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What goes on inside a synagogue?

Prayers and reading of the Bible, the real bible, the Old Testament.

How many prayers are mentioned in the Bible?

Dr. Herbert Lockyer who wrote All The Prayers of The Bible, counted 650 prayers in the Bible and discovered 450 recorded answers.

What has the author Jane Landreth written?

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How many times prayers is mention in the bible?

The word "prayers" occurs 24 times in 24 verses in the KJV bible.

What are three traditional prayers of the Catholic Church that have their origins in the Bible?

The Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Magnificat are all prayers that have their origin in the Bible.

Does it say in the Bible to be charitable?

yes it say in the bible to be always charitable in the bible always read your bible and prayers

How does the new moon effect prayers?


Where is ashes to ashes found in the Bible?

It is not in the Bible. Funeral services have this in the Book of Common Prayers.

What are prayers of Praise?

Prayers of praise are found in the Revelation (of Jesus Christ) which is in the bible. look in chapters 4 and 5.

What book contains prayers in the Bible that can be sung?

the book of Psalms.

How many times is prayers mentioned in the Bible?

114 times

Why do christians use the bible in private?

they use the bible in private so they can listen to god and so that god can hear there prayers

How do Catholics use the Bible in worship?

They reference the bible, look up prayers etc, stories, but they rely on the priest to interpret it.

Names of the prayers in Christianity?

There are many prayers in the Bible. too many to mention here. The book of psalms are prayers or hymns. There are the famous prayer of Solomon when he dedicated the temple and other prayer of Hezekiah and David.

What book of the bible means songs or prayers?

Psalms. Its definition is in any dictionary.

What does Jesus mean when he says he does not answer the prayers of the wicked?

These words are not attributed to Jesus in the Bible, and may therefore be false attributions. Jesus is believed to answer the prayers of sinners, and arguably sin is wicked.

What are the important writings in Christianity?

We have the ten Commandments, the Lord' Prayers. In short the entire bible is important.

Does the Bible talk about purgatory?

A:No, the Bible does not mention purgatory. The concept arose because of the ancient belief in saying prayers for the dead. Since prayers are not needed for souls already in heaven and are of no practical use for those in hell, the Catholic Church decided there must be an intermediate place of temporary purification in which prayers can be of assistance.

What rewards did kids get for memorizing prayers in middle ages?

I think a rosary If they could remember everysingle verse in the bible they would get a mini bible

How do Muslims worship inside the mosque?

Muslims can worship inside Mosques in form of Salah, Reciting Koran, Dhikr or any other way they want to worship Allah. In addition to obligatory five prayers a day they can also say additional prayers.

Where does it says in the bible about the heavens closed up and no prayers could get through?

revelationsAnswer:That's not in the Bible.

What has the author Blaise Hettich written?

Blaise Hettich has written: 'Prayer starters from the Bible for every mood' -- subject(s): Bible, Prayers, Moods

Where is the mddle of The Bible?

Opening the Bible as close to the middle as possible will generally land you in the Psalms. Which isn't a bad place to start; filled with Holy Spirit-inspired prayers we can read, that helps us and teaches us how to pray to God. To cry out to Him in praise, joyful elation... as well as crying out to Him for salvation and mercy. A full range of prayers is found in the middle of the Bible.

Who prayed the shortest prayer in the old testament?

Take your pick from the prayers listed at the website in related links below. There are prayers that have seven words in English (New American Standard Bible)

What has the author Benjamin Harris written?

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