Do birds eat mammals

Updated: 11/16/2022
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Yes, some birds such as owls, eagles and others, do eat mammals. Commonly categorized as Birds of Prey, they are known for having very keen eyesight and sharp talons in order to help them spot and capture their dinner. They frequently prey on rodents and other small mammals.

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Some do, yes. Cats are a common predator of birds.

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Q: Do birds eat mammals
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Do some birds eat mammals?

Yes, many birds of prey eat small mammals.

Do mammals eat amphibians birds reptiles and plants?

Yes, there would be mammals that eat all of those.

Can mammals eat birds?

Some do, yes. Cats are notorious for preying on birds.

What eat a spiders?

Birds and other small mammals.

What animals do leopards eat?

they eat food such as birds, reptiles and small mammals.

What does a jugar eat?

they eat birds large mammals and many other things

What does a boa constucter eat?

boa contsrictors eat small mammals and birds

What does a Indian python eat?

mammals, small birds, and reptiles

Are birds of paradise mammals?

Of course not birds are mammals !!!!!!!!!!!No, they are birds.

What do taipans eat?

They eat rats, birds, lizards and small animals

Is a otter a herbivore or carnivore?

Carnivores -- they eat fish and small birds and mammals (if they can catch the birds and mammals). River otters also eat frogs, turtles and crayfish; sea otters also eat shellfish.

What does a Indochinese eat?

They eat small mammals like mice and small birds and the will sometimes eat grass.