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Hawks, Eagles, and Owls are meat eaters and they eat snakes, rabbits, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, insects, and sometimes larger animals such as fox. But the birds you see in your backyard eat small insects and worms.


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Birds ARE animals, and since Falcons eat other birds, Yep

Birds eat plants, yes, such as berries and nuts. Birds of prey, like falcons, eat animals, like mice, and other birds. Many birds eat insects, which are technically animals.

The most significant predators of birds are other birds.

Cranes and other freshwater birds. Cranes and other freshwater birds.

The Neem tree feeds birds, insects, and other animals. The birds eat the seeds from the tree and sometimes they eat the fruit.

they eat birds cows kangaroos and other native animals

Many birds, categorized as "raptors", eat other animals. Eagles often eat fish; hawks frequently kill mice, rats, rabbits and other small mammals. Most varieties of birds will eat insects or worms. Vultures, condors, crows and other "carrion eaters" will eat the bodies of long-dead animals.

They eat meat, fish, and other aquatic animals.

Yes, "raptors" are birds of prey. Birds that eat other animals.

Yes, "Raptors" are birds of prey. Birds that eat other animals.

Hawks,Vultures,and Eagles

Animals that eat meat are normally referred to as carnivores. On the other hand, birds that hunt and eat other birds or animals are called raptors.

Yes. Even we do (escargot), and lots of other animals will eat them (birds for ex)

small birds, rabbits, possums, other small animals

tigers,larger birds,and any other bigger animals

Do Birds Eat Other Birds?

eagels and other birds or prey

yes even other animals like other birds

seagulls are predators and will kill and eat anything possible. They will eat the eggs of turtles and other birds. They eat fish they catch. they will try to steal food from other animals. They will even eat baby animals, including birds, turtles, and small mammals.

Foxes are carnivores which means they will only eat meat. They eat most types of birds and frogs as well as other animals that they can catch easily.Foxes eat small animals such as snakes, mice, rabbits, birds, etc.

Animals that eat hawks are eagles or other hawks. Hawks are at the top of the food chain and eat animals such as rodents and smaller birds.

In the U S desert, there are birds of prey like hawks and owls that will eat other birds and hares (wild rabbits). There are coyote that will eat any other animal smaller than itself that it can catch.

Killer whales eat fish, birds and other marine animals

No they eat the other animals like cows and birds etc

Birds survive mostly any other way that plants and animals do, they adapt to the environment around them. birds eat small insects and if it a bigger bird, small animals.

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