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No. Most bears are scared of humans and try to avoid them. If a black bear is threatened by a human it will defend itself and fight.

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Q: Do black bears eat humans
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What eats a wild dog not including humans?

only black bears eat wild dogs but if you do include the humans than it will be black bears and humans but its only black bears for this question.

Who eats a black bear?

Humans eat black bears.

How can the diet of black bears bring them into a conflict with humans?

The diet of black bears could bring them into conflict with humans because since black bears are omnivores they will eat almost anything. So therefore if humans ever try to get in the way, the next the black bear will be eating is the human.

Will black bears eat black bears?

No, but boar bears will eat cubs.

Do black bears eat grizzly bears?

Black bears only eat dead or injured grizzly bears that they rarely find, but black bears usually eat unguarded grizzly bear cubs.

Do bears attack and eat humans?

Bears do attack and eat humans, but with different frequency depending on the species of bear,. Almost all bears may attack humans if threatened, but polar bears are the only ones considered to deliberately hunt and eat humans.

What is a black bears symbiotic relationships?

There are a few examples of possible symbiotic relationships for black bears. It could be said that they have one with humans, as they commonly eat trash which is left out by humans. By the same token, they eat honey which is made by bees which could be said to establish a symbiotic relationship between the bears and bees.

Do black mamos eat bears?

The black mamo do not eat bears they are birds they eatnectar

Will black bears kill humans?

Absolutely. There have been several reported cases of humans falling victim to black bears.

Do black bears eat gray wolves?

Yes black bears do eat gray wolfs.

Do humans eat polar bears or cats?

polar bears

What omnivores eat rabbits?

Bears and Wolves Humans

What do mega bears eat?

mega bears eat salmons also berries but no humans

What do black bears do in the summer?

Black bears hunt fish berries ect bears sleep bears sometimes attack humans

Do humans eat bears?


Do humans eat sun bears?


Can humans eat grizzly bears?


What will eat a black bear?

other types of bears such as the grizzly/brown bear eat black bears

Can black bears smell better than humans?

All bears can smell better than humans, except stuffed bears.

Why are black bears and brown bears different species?

They are different because they eat different foods and black bears eat insect not brown bears in north amercia .

What do black bears eat in the taiga?

they eat fish plants and other organism that's why black bears are omnivores

Are black bears dangerous to humans?

Yes they can.

What type of enemies do black bears have?

The American black bear fears only humans and brown bears.

What do Black Fly eat?

black flies eat dem bears!

What animals eat bearberries?

Bears and humans.