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No, bobcats are an American animal and do not live in Australia.


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No, they live in forests, mountains,deserts,and swamps.

Yes, they do.Yes, bobcats are found in North American deserts.

An adaptable animal, bobcats can live in most any kind of area, from deserts to swamps.

No, bobcats live only in North America.

The Australian deserts.

Savannas are located in the tropics of South America, Africa, and Asia. Bobcats, however, only live in North America. They live in forests, temperate grasslands, and deserts.

All bobcats live in north america

Some do. The adaptable bobcat can be found in nearly any type of environment.

An adaptable species, bobcats can be found in swamps, forests, mountains, even deserts.

Yes, bobcats are found in North American deserts as well as in other habitats.

No, they are not just animals that live in the desert. They also live in woodlands

Bobcats are nocturnal, so they are rarely seen. The are found in North America and live in habitats such as forests, deserts, swamps, and even suburban areas.

Bobcats are found in almost any climate zone - from the cold taiga and mountains to the hot deserts of North America.

They live in the North America most of them live in northern forest country.They also live in forest,mountains,prairie,and deserts!

No, coyotes are American animals and do not live in Australia.

There is no such thing as a desert koala. Koalas do not live in deserts.

Bobcats are found in a variety of habitats - deciduous forests, conifer forests, scrub, mountains, grasslands and even in deserts.

Yes, there are a number of predators in deserts:Felines such as lions, cougars, bobcatsCanines such as wolves, foxesSnakes and lizardsBirds such as owls, eagles, hawks

in north america deserts

No, bobcats do not live in Alaska.

bobcats live in the wetland

Bobcats can be found from deserts to swamps, one of the most adaptable mammals in North America.

All Australian deserts are located in the country of Australia.

All the Australian deserts are hot subtropical deserts.

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