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Q: Do bottlenose dolphins live in the open ocean zone?
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What are facts about bottlenose dolphins?

Bottlenose dolphins are very popular at aquariums. Some interesting facts about the dolphins are that they sleep with one eye open, they live in large groups like schools of fish and they seem to take to humans.

What part of the sea do dolphins live in?

open ocean zone

What consumers live in the open ocean?

Swordfish, dolphins, and sharks

Do dolphins live in the open ocean zone?

Yes they do. They live in alot of other ocean zones also.

What fish live in the open ocean zone?

Many big fish live in the open ocean zone including dolphins, whales, sharks, and tuna. There are many other fish that live in the open ocean as well.

What are dolphins home like?

Dolphins do not live in any kind of shelter. They simply live in the ocean. Some live in coastal waters, some live in the open ocean, some live in the tropics, and others in the polar regions.

What type of house does a bottlenose live in?

They don't live in houses. They live in the open sea.

What animal competes for the same food as the bottlenose dolphin?

Sharks often compete with bottlenose dolphins for food, however this ""competition"" is mostly in the passive act of hunting fish, instead of open confrontation over food resources.

Is dolphins a fish or a mammal?

a dolphin is a marine mammal that lives in open water in the ocean.

How do common dolphins protect themselves from other animals in the open ocean?

Peanut butter!

What are the Open ocean food chain?

The open ocean food chains are made up of different things. It starts as phytoplankton then zooplankton then the fish and the dolphins and sharks

Which animals live in the open ocean and why do they live there?

I believe most whales live in the open ocean just as a matter of size (swimming too near to the shore leads to beached whales). Lots of dolphins on the otherhand enjoy swimming near shore and, being smaller, can do so easier than the larger dolphins/whales. A smaller creature that leaves in the open ocean however is plankton (though I'm not 100% positive this is truly considered an animal as it's also been called a plant or a bacteria); these creatures float along in the ocean's currents and act as a food supply for those large whales with balleen. A variety of fish also live in the open ocean. Capable of breathing underwater, these fish have no need for a floor-like surface or to reach the water's surface. In fact, the majority of animals in the open ocean are those who do not need air for survival with the main exception of large whales and dolphins.

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