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I think girls have better memory then guys, because, girls can remember anniversairies or wedding, when guys can only remember thinks they see!

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Is angel a name for a girl or a boy?

it is both it is better for a boy and a girl

Who can balance better on their feet on a ball boy or girl?

who can balance their feet better on their feet on a ball boy or girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you agree in a boy to boy or girl to girl relationship's?

i dont agree in both .but the better one is a girl to girl relationship

Which is better a boy bunnie or a girl bunnie?

a boy bunny is ok but i recomend a girl becuse girl bunny's are smarter then boy bunnys.

Who is better boy or girl in sports?

Many say boys are better but it depends on what sport it is. For example a boy is probably better at football than a girl bot a girl is probably better at cheer leading than a boy. It also may depend on how well you practice or if most of your family play that sport you may be really good at it boy or girl.

In harvest moon tree of tranquility is it better to be a boy or a girl?

It depends are you a boy or a girl?Well I am a girl and i have played both but i prefer girl!:)

Is toffy a boy or a girl?

it can be both, i have a dog hes name is toffy hes a boy but for my it would be better for a boy, it sounds better!!!!

What is a better hamster boy or girl?

girl becaus they r less aggressive

Is football a girl or boy sport?

Boys mostly play football but girls and boy both play their was a girl who was better than a boy COOL

What is better a girl or boy dwarf hamster?

a boy is supposed to be calmer and more tamed, but a girl is just fine too.

What is better boy or girl pug?

I think that all girl dogs are less aggressive.

Is coco a girl or boy name?

It sounds like it can be both, but to me it sounds better for a girl.

Is it better to get a boy mini lop or a girl mini lop bunnie?

even though I'm a girl i'd have to say a boy.

Do 2 girl guinea pigs get on better or a boy and a girl?

It depends on what u want. 2 girls would be fine but if you wanted a girl and a boy you could get the boy neautered since it is easier and cheaper to get the boy neautered.

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