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Q: Do boys force other boys to mess their pants?
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Is it acceptable to purposely mess in your pants?

mess? YES

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The Chinese Army, they are larger than any other force by far, this is why no other country will mess with the Chinese.

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Yes. You should wipe after using the bathroom. It will make you feel clean and comfortable walking. If you make a bowel movement without wiping afterwards, it may make a mess around your butt area inside your pants(or come through your pants and make a mess outside of your pants, too). Also, it may start to smell. Feces can cause infections for the other parts down there, so wiping after using the bathroom (especially after number 2) is a good idea!

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Defence Force Mess Hall

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When invited to a formal event where all the Active Duty Officers are wearing the Mess Dress Uniform.

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Well boys are picky. - they probably think the person is going to mess up on the job. - that or , they're insecure about theyre looks.