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Do boys really have feelings for girls?

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Yes, but at a specific age, starting the 7th grade, though some people are late and some people are early.

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Why do boys be mean to you when they like you?

I think it's because they don't really want you to know how they feel. I just think boys are afraid to showing their feelings towards girls. They probably think that girls will laugh at them.

Who has more feelintgs girls or boys?

Boys has more feelings than girls!

Do girls have Stronger emotions than boys?

yes boys and girls both have the same feelings. even though they are the opposite sex.

Why do boys joke around with asking girls to go out with them?

Because boys are Dumb and hurt peoples feelings or make girls laugh

How do you know your sexuality?

Well, if you get special feelings for girls and you are a girl you are a lesbian, but if you are a boy and get those feeling for girls you are straight. Girls and boys equals straight and boys and boys equals gay. But if you are a boy or girl and like both boys and girls then you are bisexual.

Why do girls talk about other boys when your on the phone with them?

because they expressing there feelings

What is different bitwen boys and girls?

There are no difference. Both have emotions and feelings.

Why do boys look at girls butt?

boys look at girls butt because boys get horny really easy

How many more girls are than boys Or boys than girls?

Really, there are about 105-107 boys born for every 100 girls.

What are some really fun preteen girl sites? poptropica(poptropica is for boys and girls but really fun) pixie hollow free realms(boys and girls) wizard101(boys and girls)

Who are taller boys or girls?

Usually Men and boys, but sometimes girls have really tall in their jeans.

How do you know if a girl likes you in school?

Different girls express their feelings for boys in different ways. The best thing you should do is ask her if she really likes you :)

Do girls really pee more than boys and why?

no girls do not

Do white boys like Asian girls?

Not really, but asian girls somewhat like white boys.

Are girls or boys?

girls and boys are diffrent in there own ways i didnt really get your question properly sorry!

Who has bigger hands girls or boys?

boys of course they are really fat

Are webkinz for girls or boys?

Well to tell you the truth webkinz are more for girls than boys.....but boys can still have webkinz but it dosent really matter!!! Its basically for both girls and boys!!!!!!:)

Is twilight for girls?

Its really for everyone the boys get action the girls get romance

Why do boys know about love?

i really don't know boys have all of these different feelings about girls and if you tried to get a boy to express his feeling about you it would make the boy get mad at you when it really isn't your fault. just tell him that you like him and see what his responce is and then go from there.

Why do girls usually experience sexual feelings earlier than boys?

Because they go through puberty before boys

Can boys like gay girls?

Yes, its perfectly natural, but they won't reciprocate the feelings.

What is a boys feelings like when you get turned on?

? i really dont know, theres not that many girls that have turned me on, and im not saying im a homosexual, im straight,but girls that have tried, were mostly a fail, but for girls that DID turn me on, the feeling was............good, it was just a boner

Do baby boys cry more than baby girl?

No baby girls do because they are very emotional and sensitive.They usually like to really express their sad feelings.

Why girls are more better than boys?

TO BE HONEST I AM A GIRL MYSELF and truely boys are better than girls but boys just do not uses there brain .girls arn't better than boys .but scense they aren't using there brain that god has gaven them people say girls are better cause firls get more feelings that boys girls actully uses there brains .

Do boys prefer skinny or fat girls?

well i cant really say that.. it depends on what the boys is like and what his taste is in girls!