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Yes , apparently the braces get stuck between your teeth.

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Q: Do brackets hurt when they are on your teeth?
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How long does it hurt to have brackets on your wisdom teeth?

It depends if ur teeth are sencible if they are about 1 month if they are notabout 1 week

Does getting the brackets on teeth hurt?

Yeah, kind of . Pinching . Ask the dentist for a topical anesthetic.

Why do teeth hurt when you have braces?

Because the tightness of your braces you will feel uncomfortable and the brackets might be rubbing on your gum or cheek tissue.

What is an sentence of brackets?

Samantha broke two of the five brackets on her teeth.

How does it to get braces on?

You have to get your mouth molded and I hated that. It doesn't hurt at all. All they did was put some glue and brackets and took wire and connected it to the brackets. But the best part was my teeth got straight right after I got them!! IT WAS AWESOME!

Will soda pop hurt or stain your teeth?

yes but not hurt your teeth

Why do teeth hurt for no reason?

Your teeth do not hurt for no reason. See your dentist

How are braces attached to the teeth?

The actual brackets are fixed on with a very strong (but not permanent) glue. The wire is clipped in to these brackets.

Why didn't the doctor put brackets on all my teeth?

Maybe you did not need braces on all your teeth.

Should you get trays or brackets?

Well, you should get trays if you don't want any pain, but they are not that predictable. Trays can move one of your other tooth and that would a problem. Brackets hurt after a while, but they straighten out your teeth, and you only have to where them for a shorter period of time. They are close to similar prices.

Can dentist clean your teeth with braces on?

Yes they clean around the brackets

Can you get braces just for front teeth?

yes in some minor cases it is possible to have fixed brackets on the front teeth

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