Do brass knuckles hurt

Updated: 9/17/2023
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They do. They hurt the person who is hit with them, and they usually hurt the hand of the person doing the hitting.

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Q: Do brass knuckles hurt
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What are brass knuckles?

they are knuckles made of brass that really hurt if you get hit by them

What are brass knuckles used for exactly?

I'm not 100% what brass knuckles were actually made for but i do know what people use them for..., its a metal thing that fits around your knuckles and you punch someone when you have it on.. it will hurt alot.

What are the release dates for Brass Knuckles - 1927?

Brass Knuckles - 1927 was released on: USA: 3 December 1927

Can you make a new weapon with the brass knuckles in fallout 3?

No, the brass knuckles are not part of any weapon schematic

Brass knuckles in California?


Are brass knuckles illigal in colorado?


How do you get brass knuckles on mob wars?

Brass Knuckles are a "chance to loot" item when You "Rough up Dealers" in Associate level jobs.

What do you call a blade that curves around the knuckles?

you would call them BRASS KNUCKLES.

Are brass knuckles legal in Germany?

No. 100%.

What rhymes with brass knuckles?

Glass Buckles

Are brass knuckles considered a weapon?

Yes, they are.

When were brass knuckles invented?

Jesus duhhh!