Do cat fleas like only cats?

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No, a flea is a flea. There is no "cat flea" or "dog flea". Its just a flea and its just as likely to get a cat or dog.

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Q: Do cat fleas like only cats?
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How do cats get worms from fleas?

If your cat has fleas and eats the fleas, they can get worms. Cats get tapeworms from ingesting fleas, which can happen when they are grooming.

Do all cats have fleas?

No, not all cats have fleas. Fleas are just little tiny insects that live on the cat. Most properly cared for cats do not have fleas.

How do fleas spread to different cats?

when the cats are near each other the fleas jump to the other cat =]

Will lime kill fleas on cats?

No, but the lime will drive fleas away from the cat.

Do cats get fleas or ticks from grass?

It's possible for a cat to get fleas and ticks from grass just like it's possible for US to get fleas and ticks from grass

Do cat fleas die after leaving the cat if their no more cats?

No, fleas will live in your home and bite people instead. Your home will need to be treated for fleas if a fleas are seen!

Can inside house cats get fleas?

Yesthe fleas can get inside your house and onto your cat

What effects do fleas have on cats behavior?

if a cat has fleas then you will no doubt see it scratching alot.

Do cats carry lice?

because they spread around cat to cat and also cats are known to be born with fleas

How does an individual get rid of fleas on cats?

To get rid of fleas on cats one must treat both the cat and the environment that the cat lives. Cat collars, sprays, baths, and powders can help to kill the fleas and some prevent the eggs from hatching. Flea combs can also help remove the fleas.

Can cats have human lice?

I dont think cats can have HUMAN lice but it could have dandruff, fleas, ticks, mange or like cat lice.

Can cats get tape worms from an infected dog?

Only if the cat eats the feces of the dog with tapeworms or eat the fleas.

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